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Jessica & Chris

We've always known that our journey to have a family would be through adoption. We live in Brooklyn, NY.

Hello, we are Jess and Chris, a fun-loving, creative couple who lives in Brooklyn, NY. We have always known that our journey to have a family would be through adoption. We are so grateful that you are taking the time to get to know us a little better.

Our hope is to have an open adoption as we believe that is what will be best for our child. We will always talk to our child about their adoption. It will become a proud part of our family story. We want them to know that we chose this path to having a family.

We want to encourage our child to be an empathetic individual who understands the importance of giving back to his or her community and others who are less fortunate.

Chris wants to instill a love art by sharing his passion for music and literature with our child. We also want to foster an environment where our child is always free to be who they are and are never afraid of making a mistake or failing. Jess also hopes to teach our child compassion through her love of animals.

We have two rescue dogs. They are both wonderful with kids and have been around our nieces, nephews, and our friend’s kids since we first adopted them.

Stone, our older dog, is 11 years old. We adopted Bill last summer and he is 2 years old. Stone likes to spend most of his days snoozing in the bay window in our living room, while his younger brother loves nothing more than to play with his favorite toy.

We are thankful that you have taken the time to read our profile today. We realize that we can never truly understand this situation from your point of view, but believe you are considering a brave and courageous decision.

We have not come to the decision of adopting because we have no other way to have a family. We decided early on in our relationship that our journey to have a family would be through adoption. We have taken the time to focus on our relationship and to build an immense support system that will act as a foundation for this new adventure.

If this is something you want, too, our hope is that we have some level of ongoing relationship with you—and you with us and your child—after the adoption occurs. What this looks like will depend in large part on your needs and desires. We are open to discussing what works best. We are open to any questions you might have for us and look forward to meeting you.

Jess and Chris

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Who We Are

We met when Jess was a sophomore in college. Chris had become very close with Jess’s older brother (they remain best friends to this day) and one weekend Jess came home for a visit and the rest, as they say, is history. We dated for five years and got engaged on Christmas Eve 2004. Jess was so surprised she threw the ring back at Chris, but of course said YES!

After we got married, we moved to Brooklyn and we have been living here ever since. We love to laugh and travel and can’t wait to expand our family. We have a warm and loving home that is always filled with a lot of laughter and good friends and family. We promise to provide a loving and supportive home for our child and will work hard every day to be the best parents we can be.

We are very lucky to both be close with our families. Chris is best friends with Danny, Jess’s brother. Danny and his wife Mary are our two closest friends. Chris’s parents live in New Jersey near his younger brothers, who are twins, their wives, and our nieces and nephews. We see Chris’s family about once a month.

Jess’s family still live in the Hudson Valley and in addition to speaking to them weekly, we see them monthly, as well. Our son or daughter will be the first grandchild in Jess’s family and they are thrilled about it.

Both of our families get along very well, and we often celebrate holidays and occasions as one large family. In addition to our families, we are grateful for our tight-knit circle of friends here in Brooklyn, many of whom have their own children.

Adoption Diary

A Quiet Christmas

As with all things in 2020, Christmas looked VERY different this year. We spent a few hours with Chris’ family on Christmas Eve which was really nice. Our nieces and nephews were so excited about Santa’s impending arrival. Christmas is certainly more magical through their eyes. Christmas day was just Chris and I. We made a big breakfast, watched movies and just hung out. We got to Zoom with my family at night which wasn’t the same as seeing them, but I am hopeful that we will all be able to be together soon. Here’s hoping 2021 is a better year and that we will have one more family member to celebrate with. :)

Saying Goodbye

This past week has been extremely hard. We had to say goodbye to our dog, Stone. Stone was our fist baby. We found him tied to a fence 12 years ago. Someone had abandoned him and we are so grateful that we found him. He brought a lot of joy into our lives and is a large part of the reason that I work in animal welfare today. We are heartbroken, but relieved he didn’t suffer for a long time. We will share stories of Stone one day with our son or daughter so they will know what a special dog he was. We will always love you, Doggie Man.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jessica & Chris

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Jessica & Chris