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Baby Blankets

My mom crochets baby blankets. And not just any baby blankets, blue ribbon award-winning baby blankets. She makes them for every relative, co-worker, friend, friend of a friend, that we have. My whole life there has been balls of pink and blue yarn strewn around my parents’ house. I can’t imagine how many baby blankets she’s made, not to mention the matching hats and booties. One of the things I am most looking forward to when we are finally able to adopt is the chance to wrap my own baby in one of these homemade Read more »

Cozy, snowy day

It’s a cold and snowy day here. These are the type of days we like to hunker down and watch a movie after finishing up our work. The dogs seem to feel the same way since they’ve both been wrapped up in blankets snoozing all day. It’s a welcome change after a fun, but busy, October. We had several friends Read more »

Spooky Season!

We love to decorate for Halloween and this year decided to do something a bit scarier than usual and transformed our dining room into a morgue! We would have loved to have had a party but because of COVID decided to just have a few friends over instead for dinner in our “morgue”. We can’t wait to make Read more »

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Christine & John

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