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Dear Expectant Mother… (A note from each of our son’s birth mothers)

  • A note from C's birth mother
  • A note from L's birth mother

A glimpse of our family life

  • We are Scott and Katie and we live in Arizona!
  • We got married in Utah in 2011.
  • We grew up right around the corner from each other in Utah and Scott was Katie's older brother's best friend.
  • In 2016, we had the opportunity to adopt our son, and it was an amazing experience.
  • In 2019, we were chosen again to be the parents to a beautiful baby boy.
  • We have open adoptions with both these cute kiddo's birth families.  Each of them know exactly where they came from and the love and sacrifice their amazing birth families have endured.
  • Each month throughout the first year, we send birth families these monthly updates.  It is a great way for them to track their growth and see their fun personalities emerge.
  • This is our oldest, L. He is 5 and is into swimming, soccer, all things Halloween, and loves to have dance parties.  His goal in life is to make people laugh (especially his brother) and he lights up any room.
  • This is C.  He is 2 and he is as determined as they come.  He loves to do whatever L is doing--clearly, since by the time he turned 19 months he could already scooter on his own.  He is very go-with-the-flow and has a sweet, cuddly side to him
  • Being a family of 4 has been a blast, but we feel there is another little one waiting to join in on the fun with these big brothers!
  • Both Scott and Katie come from big families with a lot of cousins already on both sides.  This is Scott's family.
  • This is Katie's family.  All cousins on either side sure do love each other!

Oh, the places we go

  • Camping is one of our favorite family hobbies and we love to ride together as a family.
  • L learned how to ride a quad at age 2!
  • Having a trailer is nice because it makes it possible to camp with little kids.
  • The RZR is a family favorite!
  • And you can't forget the remote control cars--one of their favorite hobbies to do with Dad.
  • We always enjoy camping near lakes.
  • These boys' favorite thing in the world is to be out in nature.
  • We also love to take our boat up to the lake often!
  • L loves surfing with Scott!  Lake Powell is our heaven on Earth.

A typical week for us and the kiddos

  • Because it is so hot here in the summer, we do A LOT of swimming. The kids each started from the time they were 3 months old.
  • And when we are burned out of swimming the kids love to bust out the bouncy water slide.
  • The boys love going to Grandpa's house who lives a few minutes from us.
  • L learned how to ride a bike without training wheels when he was 2.
  • C loves to spend all his time on his balance bike and is on track to ride a pedal bike while he's 2 as well.
  • We love to be active and spend time outside and at parks in our neighborhood.
  • Before the pandemic, we were going to the zoo, aquarium and different museums several times a week.
  • We love and miss being on the go and look forward to the day we can do that again!
  • So for now, we spend a lot of time at home--luckily there is plenty to do!

Scott and Katie’s hobbies and interests

  • Dirt biking and camping are a couple of the many hobbies we enjoy doing together.
  • We love to dirt bike together!
  • Scott grew up boating and loves to wake board.
  • When they got married, Scott taught Katie how to wake board and now it's her favorite thing to do at the lake.
  • Scott grew up playing hockey and occasionally plays in adult leagues now.
  • Katie grew up playing soccer and still loves to play and she especially loves teaching our kids.

Home Sweet Home

  • A few years ago, we purchased and re-modeled a 5-bedroom basement home in an established area.
  • We designed everything with kids in mind.
  • Our backyard is our favorite place to spend time.  We planted 8 fruit trees and have a little garden.
  • The kids can't get enough of their playground.

Dear Expectant Mother… (A note from each of our son’s birth mothers)

A note from C's birth mother
A note from L's birth mother

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