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Our Story

We met online - before smartphones! - and have been attached at the hip ever since. Always willing to try new things, our first date was at an amusement park. Fun and spontaneity help to keep our relationship exciting. For example, Jason proposed to Greg on a sunset cruise and Greg surprised Jason with a Vegas wedding. Many of our individual characteristics build upon each other, such as Greg's attention to detail and organization meshing with Jason's problem-solving and determined drive. Our relationship is built on a foundation that focuses on support and communication. Achieving goals as a family unit is what is most rewarding. Whether it is cooking, home projects, or simple advice, the aim is to grow together. We are excited to establish an open adoption relationship with a birth mother and support any child in achieving whatever goals he or she may want to pursue. The best emotions to describe life for us are love and laughter. We hope to be able to shower a baby with so much of both.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We bought our home with family in mind and we are proud to have it as a foundation for our future. It is a spacious and child-friendly colonial in New Jersey. Family time is our focus. We have a completely finished carpeted attic that will serve as a designated play area. Another appealing feature to our home is the available outdoor space in which a child will be able to swim, try out various games/sports, and play catch with our dogs. We love hosting events, holidays, and weekend gatherings with family and friends as well.
Quiet streets with beautiful old houses, long walks with the dogs, or just a nice stroll to enjoy the abundance of nature are some of the appealing characteristics of our neighborhood. Beaming with wildlife, parks, and trails, there are plenty of activities for your child to experience in the neighborhood. Multicultural and diverse, we appreciate that our community will offer a child the ability to meet all kinds of people and become a culturally well-rounded individual.

Greg (according to Jason)

adoptive family photo - Greg (according to Jason) Greg is an attentive and a wonderfully evolving husband. He is the type of man that balances intelligence and moral character with a quirkiness and humor in every interaction. His kind and considerate heart is what has always made me admire him. I cannot wait to for him to share his wisdom, compassion, and unconditional love with our soon-to-be child.

Jason (according to Greg)

adoptive family photo - Jason (according to Greg) Jason is prepared for this moment and to live a meaningful and rewarding life that includes children. I am amazed with how he excels at life's challenges; and his determination and strength. He demonstrates his care, concern and commitments through his actions, not just words. He can make me laugh and also push me to achieve. He is kind and fair. He is already smart but will always listen and learn. I cannot wait for a child to meet this great man.

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Greg + Jason

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