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Cleaning clears my mind

This may be crazy but I get into moods of cleaning. I’ve been working a lot lately at my store. I work every day because I just started and I have to be there, we are doing extended hours for shopping, and I come home and tonight I just needed to clean. Cleaning is mindless for me. I can focus on getting out my day by just cleaning and tiding up my house. I like cleaning alone, I like putting on music or Netflix and just zoning out to do my thing. No my house isn’t clean all the time; it’s something that gets pushed back mostly but I get into moods of just cleaning and I love that! My favorite thing about cleaning is the dogs love hanging around me and they follow me everywhere! Kajaks doesn’t like the vacuum so when I’m vacuuming you can find him in our bed because he gets nervous but Kaiko will literally be sitting on my feet while cleaning and vacuuming. I love going to bed and waking up to a clean home; especially the dishes! Kory has pitched in a ton lately since I’ve been working more. He is a wonderful husband who will take care of the dogs, do the dishes, and clean up so I can do more deep cleaning. He’s a great partner to do life with!

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