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Tuesday Night = Skiing Date Night

Tuesday’s are becoming our night out! One of the ski mountains near us offer a buy two for one deal for lift passes and since we have our own skis, it makes for an inexpensive date night! Last night we went skiing with Esther’s brother and his wife and some of their other family! We had such a beautiful night out together and it was nice to spend time outside of the house and enjoy the beautiful night. We watched all the little kids skiing with their parents, and helping a third grader that came with the other people Read more »

Sunday Funday

This was the first Sunday since August that Kory and I were both home, with no where to go the entire day! I have either been working, we have a birthday party, grocery shopping, someone coming over, or we’ve been out of town but today was so nice to finally just wake up and not have plans! We took out the dogs and fed Read more »

Annual Ski/Christmas Trip : Part 3

Today was our skiing day! We all woke up early, had our coffee, my mom and dad prepared bacon, sausage, and French toast; we got ready and left the house around 7:00. My parents stayed back with Emersen, our 2 year old niece, and the three dogs(our two golden retrievers and my sisters bulldog). We skied at Whiteface Mountain Read more »

Annual Ski/Christmas Trip : Part 2

Sunday, the second day of our trip, was a hang out day! We slept in, had coffee, made a delicious breakfast, and just relaxed! We had fun playing in the snow, eating food and snacks, playing games, and enjoying time in the hot tub. We enjoyed spending time with our niece and the dogs loved the snow and being able to run Read more »

Annual Ski/Christmas Trip : Part 1

Christmas Trip with Esther’a Family 2021. We went to Lake Placid and stayed at a home with her family. We drove up Saturday and arrived early afternoon. We had pre made pizzas to just cook when we got there. We cooked the pizzas and ate and caught up with each other for a bit. We then opened our secret Santa gifts that we Read more »

First Ski of the Season

Yay! Last night we went skiing for the first time this year! We went with three of Esther’s brothers, her older sister, two of her cousins, and my friend and his girlfriend. We were so happy to be able to be outside and had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. I did take a little tumble off the chairlift which was pretty Read more »

Happy New Year

Last night to celebrate a year ending and to think joyfully and thankfully for another year, we went to my cousin’s house for a game night. We had a fun time with my two close cousins and their husbands. We played so many games which just filled the room with laughter! It was so nice to be surrounded by people who can find Read more »

New Years Eve

Wow am I ready for a new year. I’ve never been a person that cares about a “fresh start” but this year has been hard. Me moved into our home in a December and started the adoption process, everything took so long and we felt like we couldn’t move forward. Trying to buy a business also wasn’t easy, the back and forth Read more »

Christmas Weekend

Saturday I had to work at the store but it was a short day only 11:00-4:00 we then went over to my parents’ house for dinner and game night. We had so much fun! Our favorite games were the ones Kory got me for Christmas; Exploding Kittens and Throw Throw Burrito. We had snacks and sushi and French onion soup. Sunday we went Read more »

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! Kory and I had an amazing Christmas. We slept in a bit, went outside with the dogs, fed them, I cleaned up from our dinner party on Christmas Eve, finished wrapping gifts, then we did presents. We let the dogs open their gifts first and they loved their new toys! Kory and I then opened our gifts. Kory bought Read more »

Christmas Eve

Today I work at the store until 2:00! It’s so nice to be getting done early and get to be home. We have my family over on Christmas Eve so my parents, my siblings who still live home and my brother and sister in law are coming for dinner, games, and dessert. I love Christmas time! I love spending time with my family; we are Read more »

Weekend Date Night

Owning a business is a busy season for us right now with the holidays and because we don’t have children, I’m working every day at the store, I love working but I’m excited for the season to slow down. Last night Kory came out to the town my business is in and we went to a nice restaurant and had some drinks in front of Read more »

Snow Day!

We live in NY- Upstate NY- so we know we will always get snow but this year has been weird. We have had some snow for a day, morning over just a covering and we knew we were suppose to get like up to 8” overnight. We woke up this morning and OMG! we were buried. I have never went from having no snow to this much before! Read more »

How we plan to talk to our children about adoption

This is an important topic for us to talk to expecting parents about. We hope to have an open adoption with our both family and for our child to have a relationship with you as well. In order for us to be the best adoptive parents, for them to know who they are, and for us to have a successful open adoption we will have to Read more »

Let the skiing begin!

We finally bought ski gear! Last evening we went to a ski outlet and purchase our ski gear. This is something we have been talking about doing since last December when we moved from SC to NY. I have great memories of when I was younger my parents taking us skiing. I remember getting bundled up, my mom making homemade hot Read more »

Christmas Stockings!

Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas! My parents were so generous to us and all the memories tied to Christmas, stockings are my favorite! Kory and I usually don’t do gifts for each other, we always do a vacation but because of COVID, hoping to adopt, and me purchasing a small business we decided this year we Read more »

Oh Christmas Tree!

Yesterday, Kory and I had a wonderful day! We slept in a bit, had coffee and watched church together. We then headed over to my parents house to celebrate my older sister, Gabrielle. We had a delicious brunch- my mom prepared fruit, homemade turnovers, quiche, baked French toast, bacon, sausage, and of course we had coffee Read more »

Our Families

Kory and I won’t be the only raise surrounding our children with love and support. We want to tell you a bit about our family and the close friends we have who will be in our children’s lives. Esther’s Family: Esther’s Mom and Dad had 10 children! Travis is the oldest and he is married to Courtney- they live close to Read more »

Parenting Style

Kory and I have talked about how we will parent our children. We see how some people do it and we talk about things we like that they do and things we will try not to do when we are parents. Kory and I know that having children in our lives will change our lives but we also want to still do the things we love doing even when Read more »

Goals for This Week

This week is going to be where I lay low a bit- with Thanksgiving, the busy weekend at work, the later nights I have been feeling a bit more tired than normal. I have been trying to go to bed earlier and I just want to slow down a bit. We don’t have plans this week so I want to get some cleaning done on the house. I want us Read more »

The Weekend

This last weekend was busy for us! Because it was Small Business Saturday Esther worked Saturday at the store and Sunday! We went to game night Sunday night at Esther’s parents’ home. We had her family and some of her cousins to enjoy some pizza, snacks, drinks and we played a lot of games! The best part of having a large Read more »

Sunday Mornings

Sunday morning are my favorite right now in this season of life. We sleep in until about 7:00(yes this is sleeping in for me-I love waking up early and so do the dogs). Kory and I take the dogs outside and this morning was cold and frosty (even though it’s going to be 50 and sunny today), we feed the dogs, I make coffee, Read more »

Open Adoption

I have been trying to learn about adoption a lot while we wait for a child to be placed with us. I truly believe that open adoption is best for not only the child and the birth family but also for us adoptive parents. I want our child to be able to know their story, their family, their history, their genetics, and to learn Read more »


Today we had Kory’s family in. His parents, his sister, her two children, and his uncle. We had great food, laughed, and played games. It was so nice seeing them! Kory’s sister has a five year old son and an almost three year old daughter. The dogs loved playing with them and running and chasing! We enjoyed seeing them Read more »

Thanksgiving Day

Today, I thank God for my blessings. I am thankful that we have a home of ours, family who we are close to and love and support us, our health, our jobs, our freedom to worship Christ, and our two dogs! Kory and I are making dinner for his family. We are gathering with his parents and his sister and her two children. We are Read more »

Christmas Card Photos

We got our Christmas photos back and I love how they make me laugh! The dogs were crazy when we went to get the photos done and it’s so funny to see how it looks in pictures! I’m so excited to get these photos printed and hung up in the house. We are so excited for this time of year with getting some extra days off to Read more »

Cleaning clears my mind

This may be crazy but I get into moods of cleaning. I’ve been working a lot lately at my store. I work every day because I just started and I have to be there, we are doing extended hours for shopping, and I come home and tonight I just needed to clean. Cleaning is mindless for me. I can focus on getting out my day by just Read more »

Esther’s Boutique

I bought an established women’s, children’s, and gift boutique in August! I am currently working a lot due to it being holiday season and I also want to get to know the customers. I really enjoy coming to work which is such a blessing. I love our customers and the relationships I get to build. I get to be apart of the Read more »

Christmas Decorations

Saturday I (Esther) went shopping with my mom and two of my sisters. We had a lot of fun Christmas shopping together, eating, and a lot of laughing. I got a lot of Christmas decorations because I didn’t have a lot last year as we moved into our home mid December and we just couldn’t add stuff while we were unpacking. I Read more »

Family Photos

Today we went to a Christmas Tree farm to get our Christmas card photos done! Kory brought the dogs with him from home and I care from work. We have not been to the farm before but it was beautiful! We spent an hour chatting with the photographer, getting the crazies out of the dogs, taking pictures, and laughing! The Read more »

Holiday Traditions

I love November and December! The air gets cold, snow falls, it gets dark out quicker but I love how much joy Christmas lights bring to a dark home, coffee becomes more enjoyable in the cold car, and the snow just coats everything and makes the outside feel cozy! I love decorating for Christmas and I’m going Saturday with Read more »

November Adoption Awareness

November is nationa adoption awareness month and I have been listening to the podcast Adoptees On. This podcast is telling the stories of adoptees and their experience of adoption. It’s so important to me that we learn from other, good or bad, so we can be prepared for the conversations, trauma, and experiences we will have Read more »

Upstate New York Winter Sport

When I (Esther) was younger my dad taught us how to ski. I remember my parents getting us ready to go skiing. I hated putting on the long johns underneath my clothes because I hated when they got scrunched up and tight. But my mom always made hot chocolate, chili, and hommade snacks to take to the lodge. We had season passes Read more »

First New York Snowfall

Monday morning we woke up to our first snowfall! This was something Kory and I couldn’t wait for l, not because we were ready, but the dogs love the snow! It was so much fun to see their excitement when we got outside. They could play for hours outside rolling in the snow, chasing each other , and playing with their balls! Read more »

Experiences over Gifts

Before Kory and I were even married we decided that we didn’t need more stuff from each other. We decided that instead of buying gifts for each other on birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas we would spend our money on a trip instead. This allowed us to have something to look forward to, time with each other, time to get Read more »

Baby Clothes

I love buying baby clothes! I have collected baby clothes for about two years. I grew up in a large family and I always knew I wanted a large family myself. I’m so blessed by God to have a husband who is so awesome with kids and has a heart for a large family like me! I love shopping and I have a specific, gender neutral Read more »

Party Weekend

Sunday we had Esther’s family over to celebrate her sister’s 14th birthday, Kajaks’ 2nd birthday, and Kaiko’s 1st birthday. Esther’s parents brought a turkey, stuffing, squash, beets, and gravy. Esther made a salad, mashed potatoes, and bread. We ate dinner, visited and laughed with each other, then we opened gifts! Read more »

Happy Birthday Kaiko!

Today Kaiko turns ONE! Kaiko is our spicy puppy. She hoards every ball. She doesn’t love fetch as much as she just loves carrying around a ball in her mouth and chasing Kajaks as he plays fetch. She’s obsessed with her daddy and gets jealous when he gives Kajaks attention. She is the best cuddle buddy in the morning but Read more »

Wishing Kajaks A Happy Birthday!

I can’t believe we have had Kajaks in our home for almost two years. I knew Kajaks was my baby when I saw his face. He was the biggest boy in his litter and once I picked him up I didn’t put him down until we got home. He has been through everything with us. He gave companionship when Kory wasn’t home, when I was at Read more »

Happy Birthday Kajaks!

Today is our first puppy’s birthday! Kajaks is turning two today. Today we celebrate him and the laughter he brings us. I can’t believe we have had him in our home for almost two years. I knew Kajaks was my baby when I saw his face. He was the biggest boy in his litter and once I picked him up I didn’t put him down Read more »

Weekly Activities

Kory and I both work full time jobs (8-5 type hours) so once I get home from work and he’s done we really make the most of our nights. We always take the dogs out for some fetch and play time then we feed them. We cook dinner together or Kory cooks while I clean up the house and dishes (he hates doing the dishes and I like Read more »

Family Traditions

There are some family traditions that I(Esther) grew up with that are some of my most special memories with my family and Kory has been able to experience them now that we are married. One thing my parents always did was celebrate our birthdays. Growing up my dad always let us choose what we wanted our theme to be and he Read more »

Our goldens!

So anyone who knows us knows that we love our dogs(my mom states she has never met two people who talk about their dogs like kids). Kory has always wanted a dog and specifically a golden retriever. Esther grew up with a golden retriever but was never crazy about getting a dog in general when we moved in together. After a year Read more »

Annual Family Fall Party

Sunday we had Esther’s annual family fall party. Esther’s mom is an identical twin and her sister and husband have eight children and Esther’s parents had ten. We are all close, closer than most cousins. Both the families get together every fall and we all bring food to share and have a day of having everyone together. Read more »


We finally have the essentials done in the nursery! We had to take the wallpaper off and sand the walls before we painted which took quite a few hours. When we moved into the house Esther knew this would be the nursery. The windows overlook the backyard and I can’t wait to begin the nursery with the baby while the dogs are Read more »

Our Summer

This has been a crazy, exciting summer! Esther finally closed on the purchase of a boutique that she use to work at during college. She has been doing the buying and been involved with business decisions since last October but now she is the owner! We have been working on home projects, cleaning up the yard, discovering our Read more »

Why Adoption?

Since I (Esther) was little I remembering always having a heart for adoption. When Kory and I started dating I told him I wanted to adopt and he was totally fine with it (but of course we were talking sometime in the future). After we were married for a year we discussed that we were ready to have a child if it happened. Well Read more »

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