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In the winter of 2016, we both decided to try our luck in the dating world through the dating site OK Cupid. After a few weeks of comfortable and fun conversation we decided to go on our first date. This was our first and last date through this site, and while a big step for both of us, it was a step we are happy we took. We met at a wine bar in Brooklyn. Conversation started slow but somewhere in the middle something clicked and we both recognized that there was a unique connection that could lead to something special. A couple more dates solidified that notion and we've been together building and strengthening our partnership ever since. We recently officially got married through a virtual ceremony but hope to be able to celebrate with family and friends in the near future, We always say how we're the best team because we give each other confidence and support that allows us to overcome any challenging situation. We truly enjoy spending time together as even the most mundane daily routines are enjoyable when we're doing them together. Activities we especially enjoy together are preparing meals (Steven is more the chef and Luis the baker), binging Netflix shows and going on travel adventures. As much as we enjoy our time together, we want to do and give more. We're both extremely giving and generous people and want to share the love we have for each other with a child and love, support and guide him/her. We have so much to give and can't wait to provide a child the love and support to be confident, happy and be able to reach his/her dreams.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a large apartment in Manhattan in a safe neighborhood which has community spaces such as a childrens playroom, a gym and a pool. We love where we live because there is a neighborhood feel and also access to many fun spots just a short walk or subway ride away! We have quick and easy access to Whole Foods and Trader Joes where we love to gather ingredients for new recipes to experiment with. We're a few minutes from the Hudson River Park where we do a lot of our running along the river. As we run we see children playing in the park and we look forward to hanging up our running shoes on occasion and swinging and sliding with a child instead.

Our home is cozy, tidy and clean. Soft light from lamps and a large comfortable couch are just a few touches that we think makes our living space a peaceful spot to unwind. There's plenty of space for a playroom which we look forward to decorating!

Our kitchen is open into the living room and we spend a lot of time together there, cooking together. We love to have guests just stop by to say hello or to spend the night. We truly enjoy hosting and making our friends and family feel at home.


adoptive family photo - Steven I’m a New Yorker through and through. Born in Manhattan but raised in the suburbs of New York. I’m charismatic, hard working, empathetic and I have a good sense of humor. I focus on continuous personal growth which means watching videos of Oprah talking about finding one’s purpose, reading books on grit and courage and attending conferences on leadership.
I currently work with healthcare, not for profit, and higher education organizations and help provide financial solutions for them.
I like to stay active through physical activity. Since I picked up a racquet at 8 years old, my greatest passion has been tennis. Growing up, I was a ranked junior tennis player and although I don’t play competitively anymore, I still love getting on the court as much as I can. Playing tennis in Manhattan is difficult so in order to stay fit, I run, cycle and practice yoga. Staying fit helps because Luis and I both share a passion for eating and cooking. One of our favorite things to do on the weekend is hosting small dinner parties with friends and family.


adoptive family photo - Luis I'm a very active person and I love sports. Working out every day helps me to be focused on my work and also in my personal life. Being a morning person is great because it gives me time for myself. I wake up before dawn almost every day for a run. Running in the morning in an empty city is an amazing experience and I use this time to take in the sights and plan my day.
My work as a child speech therapist and teacher ties into so many things I enjoy such as traveling, learning different cultures, and gaining perspective on life in different parts of the world. Steven and I love to discover new countries and cultures. When we travel we always rent a car to explore the most authentic part of the country. We also travel because of our passion for food; we love to try new flavours and different types of cuisines. I spend a lot of time cooking and baking since both activities help me to relax. I love bake homemade pastries for breakfast!
I consider myself a person who knows how to resolve conflicts and I keep things simple. This has always been helpful not only in my personal relationships but also as a teacher dealing with rambunctious students. Rather than making situations stressful I look for solutions to problems as they come and put problems to rest. I'm a disciplined and organized person in many aspects of my daily life but I balance that structure which is important. One of my greatest traits is my resilience and grit. I'm passionate about life and my attitude is always very positive. I make it a practice to wake up thinking that I have one more day to continue to fulfill my dreams. My greatest dream is to be a dad.

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Steven & Luis

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Steven & Luis