Laura, Fred, Tyler

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Laura, Fred, Tyler

Pokemon & Minecraft family is seeking player 4

Laura, Fred & Tyler (son) are a loving family filled with laughter, sports, chess & books. Residing outside DC, this Pokemon and Minecraft family is seeking player 4 : )

Here are some of our promises
- We promise to love our children unconditionally;
- We promise to read books with them every night;
- We promise to play outdoors a lot, and help coach them in any sport they want to play;
- We promise to be very involved with the schools they attend;
- We promise to teach them math and build science projects with them;
- We promise that music and instruments will be a part of their life;
- We promise to travel with them around the world and teach them new languages; and,
- We promise to never judge, and to always listen and care for them

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Who We Are

Laura & Fred met in Old Town Alexandria and were married a couple years later while Laura finished college.

Fred graduated the Air Force Academy and is finishing his graduate degree at Harvard.

After Tyler was born, they focused on his education and ensuring he learned multiple languages. They sent Tyler to a bilingual school where he learned Spanish and English. Tyler is currently entering the 3rd grade and is incredibly kind to his classmates. He loves playing soccer, basketball and hockey.

Adoption Diary

Waffles After 4 Mile Bike Ride

This morning we went on a 4-mile bike ride into the City of Alexandria. Tino rode his bicycle, and Fred and I ran. Afterwards, Tino was super hungry, so we had some giant Sunday morning waffles : )

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Laura, Fred, Tyler

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Laura, Fred, Tyler