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Our Story

We have been married for 11 years, having met while in college in Iowa. Ben was attracted to Katie immediately, but Katie wasn't easily won over. She made him really work to win her heart, but his perseverance paid off! Our faith in God is the foundation of our lives, and guides our values and the way we see the world.

We are both really easy going, love bringing people together and building relationships, and are always up for an adventure!

We both love to travel, and have been to many cities in the U.S., as well as abroad. We enjoy shopping for treasures when we travel, and finding unique items to bring home and remember our journeys. We enjoy playing tennis and catch together, as well as laughing around a bonfire with good friends.

We work together in college ministry, and spend a lot of time at retreats and conferences guiding students in their faith, helping them make the most of
their lives in college, and developing them to be influencers wherever life takes them after college.

We love being parents to our daughter Kenley, who just turned one, and came into our family through adoption. She is fun, active, sassy, and loves to explore the world around her. We are excited for her to be a big sister.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is a place to relax, recharge, and connect with people we love. It's decorated with personal reminders from our travels. We enjoy hosting friends and family and getting to know our neighbors. We have four bedrooms and just finished off our basement which we're excited to put to use.

Our backyard is fenced in and perfect for lounging and playing. We have a built in fire pit, garden, and hammock for relaxing. This is Katie's favorite part of our home.

A great park is right across the street, and people are often out walking dogs and running.

We know many of our neighbors and enjoy sharing plants and desserts with each other!

Pictured: Our huge backyard!

About Ben

I love the Chicago Cubs, AND the Green Bay Packers and have a fun collection of bobbleheads that I like to show off. I enjoy grilling, playing basketball, going to sporting events, and watching games on TV. I am relational and love hanging out with good friends. I'm light-hearted, caring, thoughtful, and funny. (I have a rule that I can keep telling a joke until it gets no laughs 5 times in a row!) I am told I am a strong leader that many people look up to. I'm close with my family and have many fun traditions and experiences I will pass down as a Dad. Kids are often drawn to me and I feel like I can meet them where they're at. I have a ton of fun with and love parenting our daughter Kenley.

About Katie

I'm an adventurer at heart and like to try new things. I love to be outside, especially if the sun is out. Running, rollerblading, relaxing in our hammock, kayaking, playing tennis, and just hanging out playing with our daughter are my go to outdoor activities. I love music and going to concerts when possible.

Making anything from scratch is incredibly satisfying for me, and I specifically like to decorate cakes, make jewelry, cards and scrapbooks. Though I don't get to do those too often, I do enjoy trying new recipes in the kitchen each week.

Since having a big yard I've really enjoyed gardening and building a relaxing backyard retreat where we can host friends for a cook out or bonfire.

I grew up in Illinois with my parents and three sibling, who are also married with several kids each. I love getting together with them and seeing our kids play and grow together!

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Ben and Katie
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Ben and Katie