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Waiting is hard

This is one of my favorite photos of Daniel and our nephew Guy contemplating their Connect 4 move.

Emotionally, mentally and physically, we are so ready to love and bring up this baby. We’re ready for the sleepless nights, for the bags under our eyes, for a messy house, lots of crying, explosive poops, the barfing, and the burping. We’re so ready for all the hard stuff, and we’re ready to be shocked by how ‘not ready’ we we really were.

We’re also ready for the good stuff. Sweet snuggles, peaceful naps, first smiles, first giggles, first solids, first steps and first words. We’re ready to experience the utter joy of loving our baby together, and the ultimate heartbreak when some day, approximately 18 years later, we’ll have to let that baby go - and everything in between. That’s the whole job right? To give a child everything he/she needs so one day, they can go out into the world and make it a better place with the unique gifts and talents only they possess. That’s our goal, anyway.

We’re so ready to give it our all. And yet…we are entirely out of control of when and how it will all happen. So, every day, we take a deep breath, we whisper our frustrations, prayers and hopes to God, and we live in the mystery and the unknowing, and we are ok.

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Stories of our life together, and an account of our day-to-day happenings, as we await our baby-to-be.

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