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Play Hard Work Hard

On Friday we had a family game night! We ate smoothies and popcorn while playing Uno, Skip-Bo, and Sorry. We’re excited that our kids love playing games as much as we do!

On Saturday Kendrick served on the James Brigade with our church. He’s a part of a team of men who serve widows in our community by doing yard work, fixing things, and any other help they need. Then in the afternoon L lost her first tooth!!! We also worked outside for 3 1/2 hours with the kids. We needed to plant more grass in our front yard so we sifted the rocky top soil we have, moved it out front, spread it around, planted grass, and spread peat moss on top to keep the birds away. The kids got new working gloves to help out today and they were incredible! They kept telling us how much fun it was to help. It was a fun and rewarding family project. Tonight we have some friends coming over to play board games once the kids are in bed. It’s been a pretty awesome weekend already, and we still have another day!

We hope you’re doing well! Praying for you every day. Love, Stevi

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