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Justin & Maya

Our family provides a supportive and loving environment that prioritizes creating memorable experiences


We both look forward to the day we welcome a new family member. Providing a loving and supportive environment through our family and close neighborhood community, and ensuring growth and opportunity through education is of upmost importance.

Our family is large and many are a just short drive away. We are diverse and look forward to sharing our traditions, but also to educating our child on their unique cultural background.

We believe in raising our baby with Christian values and guidance based on the best interest of our baby. Parenting through love and compassion, while avoiding unnecessary and ineffective consequences, we will ensure a happy and wholesome upbringing.

Blessed with rewarding careers, Maya and I will offer strong and stable financial support and are positioned to provide our baby with the option to further their education through college. We want our child to pursue their dreams and achieve their highest potential.

What will we offer the birth mother?
We understand the importance of an open adoption should the birth mother prefer. We are completely open with our daughter Wren about adoption, have a private Facebook page to update Wren’s birth mother and have invited Wren’s birth mother to visit us on several occasions. We can assure that our promise is not just words through the actions we are living by now.


How did you meet?
Both - We were introduced through a mutual friend on a summer night and quickly connected. We discovered we share several interests, including spending our love for the Beatles. We’ve grown to become best friends, soulmates, and lifelong teammates. Always listening to and respecting each other, and practicing patience so our love will grow stronger with each day.

What do you two fight about?
Both - We are a normal married couple and fight about the same things any other person who lives together does. Things such as who is going to do the dishes, where should we spend our money and stop looking at your phone come up once in a while. Fortunately we are aligned on bigger picture things parenting and religion.

What do you do for work?
Maya - I’m a 2nd grade teacher at a small charter school.
Justin- I work alongside the CEO to set the overall goals and direction for the company.

If you could steal ONE trait from your spouse, what would it be?
Maya - I wish I was more of a fixer-upper. Justin took a house on the block that people didn’t want and turned it into a home that Chip and Joanna Gaines (from HGTV’s Fixer Upper) would approve of.
Justin- Maya is an amazing cook and she loves doing it. Her dishes look…and are…so delicious that she was invited to compete on a Bobby Flay show on the Cooking Channel. I wish I had the abilities and passion for cooking like she does.

Would you rather live in a sailboat or an RV for the rest of your life?
Maya - RV because I can make more immediate stops and explore the area around me, that and sailing makes me a little seasick!
Justin - RV because I love nature and feel like I would have more opportunity to view the world in an RV.

If you could have dinner with anyone – dead or alive – who would it be?
Maya - I would choose to have another dinner with my dad. He has since passed and I adored my dad. I would say that I was a daddy’s girl growing up just as my Wren Bird is now with Justin.
Justin - I would have dinner with Van Gogh, my favorite painter. I’d love to ask him about his Starry Night painting and the details around his textured painting techniques.

Pick one: unlimited sushi for life or unlimited tacos for life
Maya - This question is so tough! Born and raised in Southern California, authentic street tacos have my heart (and stomach), BUT I will often choose sushi if looking for a place to eat out.
Justin - Unlimited sushi, though being from California makes this an extremely hard decision because it’s tough to be a good street taco with some spicy homemade salsa.

What’s in your purse right now that you’re embarrassed to admit? Or, what do you always pack in your suitcase that you’re embarrassed to admit?
Maya - It would probably be a crumpled up snotty tissue from my daughter Wren.
Justin - I always have snacks in my briefcase. I put them in there for myself, but they come in handy when my girls get "hangry".

Complete the sentence, “I can’t live without……”
Maya - The Three F’s: Family, friends and food! I love entertaining my loved ones at home with new recipes I’m trying out.
Justin - I can’t live without my family, the thing I hold higher than anything else.

Lake or Ocean?
Maya - The ocean every time. I was blessed to grow up living by the Pacific Ocean. I spent many summers returning to the water on a daily basis.
Justin - Though we have amazing lakes here in Texas, you can’t beat the sandy beaches and crashing waves that I grew up with in California.

What scares you?
Maya - Snakes! The way they slither so gracefully freaks me out.
Justin – I am not afraid of heights, but I do always get the butterflies when looking over the edge of a high place. I need to go skydiving to help with this.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at the night sky?
Maya - I think about how magical it looks and wonder how many others are observing the same thing at the same time.
Justin - The time my wife and I were laying on the sand dunes in the Sahara desert and watching the millions of stars in the Moroccan sky.

How spicy do you order Thai or Indian food?
Maya - I often order spice level 4 or 5, 5 being the highest. Wren doesn’t like spicy foods at the moment so we are at a place where we can’t share when it comes to spicy foods.
Justin - 5 out of 5. Maya and I love spices and even have a hot sauce collection we’ve built over time. At one time we studying abroad is Spain and had to source Tabasco from the states to get our spice fix.

Name your favorite… and why:

Movie genre/Movie
Maya - Comedy or suspense.
Justin - Star Wars Return of the Jedi. I was a huge Star Wars fan as a kid and still am.

Book genre/Book
Maya - Fiction literature and mysteries.
Justin - Any Clifford book as my daughter loves them and I am more of a reader of news stories.

Maya - The Beatles. I also enjoy current pop and rock artists.
Justin - Lately it has been Bleachers. I like their sound and style and find most of their songs to be catchy.

Ice Cream flavor
Maya - classic vanilla or chocolate.
Justin - Chocolate and peanut butter. It’s hard to beat the combination of the two.

TV Show
Maya - Friends because no matter the episode, I know it’ll bring me laughs.
Justin - Pawn Stars because they show so many cool things and you get to learn a lot unique facts.

Maya - Target because it has everything!
Justin - Home Depot as I love work around the house and build things.

Sports team/player
Maya - I love Angels baseball because it was something I shared with my dad when I was a little girl.
Justin - Denver Broncos. My family and I and watched Broncos games as a kid and I have been a loyal fan since.

Maya - Newport Beach because it is my first home and I always feel at peace by the ocean.
Justin - Ireland. The people are so nice and the country has so much history and beautiful landscapes.

Maya - I am inspired by my mom. She has taught and showed me perseverance, patience, hard work, and unconditional love.
Justin - I am inspired to travel the world with my family and create memorable experiences.

Maya - I dream of restoring a classic Chevy Bel Air in cherry red or sky blue. I wouldn’t know the first thing, but I’m willing to learn.
Justin - Tesla. They look really nice and I appreciate the technology behind them.

Maya - This might sound plain or very original, but dogs are my favorite, specifically English or French bulldogs! They’re so stinking cute!
Justin - Sea Otter because they use rocks as tools to break shells open and the couples float on their backs while holding hands. I like them so much I named my dog Otter.


Wren was born in November 2016. She is happy with a bright personality. She is extremely considerate and kind to others. She’s very smart and is a “daddy’s girl.” She loves to learn and enjoys drawing and playing with her friends and cousins.

When we ask Wren if she wants a sibling and she always enthusiastically answers yes! She will be an amazing big sister.

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We were introduced through a mutual friend on a summer night and quickly connected. We discovered we share several interests, including spending our love for the Beatles. We’ve grown to become best friends, soulmates, and lifelong teammates. Always listening to and respecting each other, and practicing patience so our love will grow stronger with each day.

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