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Our family provides a supportive and loving environment while creating memorable experiences and embracing open adoption

Hello, We are Justin, Maya & Wren! We are a happy and fun-loving family that enjoys finding adventures and making long lasting memories. We have been planning for this next chapter of our lives and are excited to welcome a new family member into our hearts and home.

Adoption is a familiar concept to us and something we hold near and dear as we adopted our daughter three years ago and one of Justin’s brothers was adopted. We understand adoption is through love and we respect your consideration of this.

We will be 100% open with your baby about their adoption, just as we are with Wren. We know adoption is a blessing and a very beautiful thing that shouldn’t be hidden. Your baby will be informed of the unconditional love that you have shown. Justin’s brother will also offer guidance and support by sharing what he learned through adoption; a journey your child and Wren would experience together.

We are happy to share pictures, update letters, set up a private Facebook page, similar to what we did for Wren’s birth mama, and are open to in person visits so that you have the option of seeing your child grow up. We know that your preferences may change over time, but would like to ensure you that staying informed is always available.

We would love the opportunity to connect with you through any avenue you are comfortable with; an initial email, phone call, or text (anytime).

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with us! It is our hope that our social media accounts, websites and full transparency during this journey will help you determine if we are the right family to provide a loving and caring environment for your baby. Just as we have with Wren’s birth mama, we want you to always know that your baby will be happy, healthy and safe.

Kindest Regards,

Justin, Maya & Wren

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Who We Are

We were introduced through a mutual friend on a summer night and quickly connected. That very night we discovered we share several interests, including our love for the Beatles, foods and the desire to experience cultures around the world through travel. Head over heels, we fell fast and instantly became best friends, soulmates and have grown to become lifelong teammates. We aren’t always perfect; like a lot of couples and friends we do argue, and we don’t always see eye to eye, but we have always made a promise to listen and respect each other opinion so we can work together, always. We make it a point to practice patience so our love will grow stronger with each day.

Adoption is a gift and a blessing, one that was and is our destiny. During the initial stages of our journey Maya shared that she was unable to biologically have children, something she knew from a young age. There was no hesitation in Justin’s heart as his close bond with his adopted brother made it easy to embrace and we are both thrilled to become parents. We were extremely blessed when Wren joined our family through adoption three years ago and we are excited about the idea of being blessed with another child through adoption.

Creating storybook experiences together, we dog sledded in Michigan, hiked the Great Wall of China, watched a live filming of Saturday Night Live, exchanged a kiss on the Eiffel Tower and camped under the stars in the Sahara Desert. Though exploratory, we continue to date and spend quality time together by cuddling up and watching a movie, trying a new restaurant or laughing to one of our favorite shows, Friends.

We have created many experiences, but our focus has shifted to exploring the local adventures that will enrich our children's lives. Visiting the local museums, spending a day at the zoo, playing pretend and building forts at home or playing with friends at the playground has been and will continue to be part of our weekly routine.

We enjoy road trips and love getting away from our routine by camping at one of the beautiful lakes nearby. There’s something so special about the smell of a campfire, sleeping in a tent and waking up to a chilly, peaceful morning with your family. Even more exciting now that we can watch the beauty of nature through their eyes. Family reunions, fishing trips and teaching them how to make a s’more are some of the things that now excite us most.

Adoption Diary

Wanted: Little Roomie

WANTED: Little roomie to share a lovely suburban home in Grapevine, TX with fun-loving family of three (two bonus adorable doggie roomies). Occupants include two loving parents and one little roomie excited to be promoted to big sister roomie and have a new playmate. Included with room: daily meals consisting of puree recipes from around the world, upgrading to solid foods over time homemade with care by mama; yard with a pool (protected by a safety fence of course), tons of toys and nearby family members to entertain you; numerous midnight hours bonding and soothing; and clothes you will probably wear once (this is okay because mama roomie loves to shop for cute little clothes).

Must be okay with travel 10-20% (current little roomie joined three years ago and has 5 passport stamps) as our family loves to explore new places and occasionally go camping when the Texas weather allows. Most importantly, little roomie must be comfortable with receiving tons of affection and unconditional love from daddy roomie, mama roomie and big sister roomie (…and from the adorable doggie roomies of course).

As for our part, Mama roomie will have lots of time to nurture and grow little roomie through extracurricular activities as she has a predictable schedule as an elementary teacher and over two months off each year to focus on the little roomie and big sister roomie. Daddy roomie offers many belly laughs and loves working on projects around the home with little roomies. Collectively as a family, little roomie will be supported to pursue their future dreams, whatever they may be.

All little applicants will be considered, including those with odd sleeping schedules, picky food tastes and constant need for attention. If this sounds good, we can’t wait to start loving you!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Justin & Maya

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