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Shelter in place day 6, and everyone is stir crazy. I am so glad I have a foster pet to keep me company, and to get me out on walks.

Everyone has been calling. I have stayed in close contact with friends and family by phone, and even dusted off the Skype today so I could video chat while making my famous sourdough pancakes.

I’ve been gardening too, and there’s a ton of weeding to do in my overgrown garden bed. I pulled up about 1/4 of it today. Garlic has been so hard to find. I am thinking of planting some, along with carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and romaine. Right now all I have are some mustard greens that didn’t bolt, snow peas, rhubarb, mint, green onions, and of course oranges and lemons off of my trees. I never get sick of the oranges. They are amazing!

Tomorrow, I will be working at the kitchen table. I’m still finishing up some behavior plans, and am zoom meeting with my boss to figure out how distance special education is going to look for the rest of the school year. This is truly a new frontier, and I wonder how much things will change when we are back to “normal.”

I decided to drive to one of my favorite areas in Oakland today for our evening walk. The usually bustling streets seemed abandoned, and most of the businesses were closed for the duration of the shelter in place.
There were a few sun showers, and on the way back - I caught this rainbow. Can you see it?

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Michelle Lisa

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