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Walking with Clarence and Chris

I’ve known Chris since the 5th grade. We grew up together in a small town on the North Shore of Long Island, and at some point we both found ourselves living in Oakland. Chris and his girlfriend Shannon live about a 10 minute drive away, and he and we make plans to hang out at least once a month. He’s a music teacher at a local college, and she’s a veterinary nurse. Chris joined us for a walk around my neighborhood today - at a safe 6 foot distance, of course. Clarence, my foster dog is a little out Read more »

Time Enough at Last

When I was a kid, I loved watching the old black and white Twilight Zones. I think I still have a bunch on VHS. And yes, I still have a VHS player that may or may not work. One of my episodes was the one titled “Time Enough at Last,” about a man who just wanted to sit down and read, but never had the time. Then, Read more »


Shelter in place day 6, and everyone is stir crazy. I am so glad I have a foster pet to keep me company, and to get me out on walks. Everyone has been calling. I have stayed in close contact with friends and family by phone, and even dusted off the Skype today so I could video chat while making my famous sourdough pancakes. Read more »

Apocalypse planning gone awry…

Well, it’s day 2 of the Shelter in place order. I have been on 2 walks with Clarence my foster dog, did a yoga class via Zoom (which was weird) and mopped the hardwood floors. Hopefully my Zoom Japanese class will be a little more exciting. I have added an image of the amazing tacos I threw together for dinner, Read more »

Clarence, my new foster friend…

I know, I know, I haven’t updated lately. It’s been hectic with the Corona Virus taking hold. It was announced today that all non-essential travel has been banned, and I found out last week that my job at the school district will be closed for 3 weeks as well. Because of the lockdown, the local shelter put out Read more »

Mindful eating

By now, you’ve probably realized how much I love to cook. As a child, I loved spending time in the kitchen with my mom, and even once sustained a burn from leaning onto a hot burner while standing on a chair. That was in the early 80’s, when propping your kid up to reach a pot on the stove was totally acceptable. Read more »

Potlucks and potstickers

About once a month, I invite friends and family over for a Sunday potluck. It’s a nice way to maintain community, and the clean-up is incredibly easy when everyone brings a dish to share. Tonight I made potstickers, or Chinese dumlings as they were called in NY where I grew up. They are super easy to make, though a Read more »

Fancy Ramen

Most evenings, I really enjoy taking the time to cook a healthy dinner. On nights when I take a class, all I have time for is something quick and easy. Enter; fancy Ramen. Between the garden, cupboard, freezer, and farmer’s market haul, I usually have all of the ingredients on hand. Buckwheat soba noodles make it a Read more »

Claremont Canyon

I caught up with Kelly today after work. Like me, she is a behavior analyst. We have lots in common, including a love of nature and a love of cooking. Today we met up for a 5 mile hike through Claremont Canyon in the Berkeley hills - about a 20 minute drive from my house. We asked a passer by to take some photos of us, but Read more »

Garden Surprises

I like to grow winter greens and pick just a few leaves at a time to pop into smoothies and salads. This year, I planted lots of purple mustard greens. With the unseasonably warm weather comes confusion for plant life. Looks like my greens have started to bolt! Now, the only thing to do is blanch and freeze these spicy Read more »

Spring in February

It’s the last few days of my staycation, and I am determined to have fun and relax right until the very end! This morning I taught a special needs yoga class, which happens on Saturdays twice a month. The space is a large home that’s set up with themed rooms, and runs as a bed and breakfast for adults with Read more »

Tiny Beautiful Things

Jodie is a friend I’ve known for about two years. She is changing careers to become a Speech Language Pathologist, and is usually pretty busy with her graduate coursework. Tonight, I got to catch up with her. We had dinner in the North Beach area of SF, and then walked over to the Union Square area to see “Tiny Read more »

Day 1 on Adoptomist…

It’s my first day on Adoptimist! It’s been a quiet sort of busy day. It’s “President’s week,” so I’m off from work all week. Today was mostly a chore day - I had my tires changed, studied at a cafe, and will hop on a train to SF soon for my Japanese class. I’m not sure why I Read more »

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