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My Story

I grew up with no defined limits of what a family can be, what makes a family strong or how that family is created. I know that the most important thing in life is a strong support system, foundation of love and a family where the parent or parents are ready, stable and eager to have their life and schedule be built around their children.

Since adopting my son, my primary focus is on being a mom, but also on being a stable and consistent provider. I am so thankful for my unmatched support system and my career for allowing me to maintain those priorities. It is a dream come true and my family, friends and overall support system are as eager as I am to welcome a new member to our family.

I am currently a helicopter pilot in the United States Navy and have served for over eight years. I have been able to build a fantastic life and have enjoyed my career. I am currently an instructor and have a consistent working schedule with flexibility that has been able to accommodate my needs as a mother. I am always home for sick days, doctor's appointments, long days of teething, etc. My job is one that I love and that I am able to do well and advance in, yet, it has also provided me the balance that I need and that my family needs.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home My son and I live in the San Diego suburb of El Cajon. We moved here so we would have more space to grow our family and to have more space to host as our family and friends visit. We have a three bedroom home with an enclosed backyard, a playroom and quick access to parks and bike path for our walks each day!

About Me From My Friends

We met Kylie 5 years ago and she became one of our best and most trusted friends. Kylie is a highly dedicated and caring mother. Anderson is her entire world and she makes sure he has her full attention and priority. Anderson is always smiling and happy because of the great home he lives in.

Kylie likes to have fun and enjoy life with her friends and family, but also knows when to be serious and take charge of a situation. We love spending time with her and have grown extremely close friends over the years. Her enthusiasm and desire to adopt a child have always been genuine and moving. She has proven that through the adoption of Anderson and is ecstatic at the thought of adding another child to her growing family.
- Alex & Lizzie

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