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At a birthday party

I was at my friend’s daughter’s 12th birthday party today. It was a lot of fun.  I am so blessed to have so many great friends who have great kids. I can’t wait until I have a great kid of my own to bring to all our gatherings. Read more »

Duck face selfie

Being silly with my friend Ann!! I’m so fortunate to have tons of fun and supportive friends. It’s great to have people to be silly with!!! Read more »

First day of the semesterr

Well, it’s back to teaching my Fitness Training course. The spring college semester has started again today and I’m so excited to meet my new group of students. Read more »


When you laugh so hard you can’t even talk…and you don’t even know what was so funny :) My friend took this picture of me and we were laughing so hard I couldn’t even eat my popcorn!!! I can’t even remember what we were laughing at but it’s great to have good friends that you can just be Read more »

Me at work

Hi! As a personal trainer I work at a gym right near my home. I also work only a few hours a day so I can be home most of the time with my child. It’s great to have that kind of flexibility. My gym also has great babysitting so every day can be a “bring your child to work” day :) Read more »

It’s snowing!!

It’s still snowing! It started this afternoon and it’s still snowing a bit tonight. It’s supposed to turn to rain later, so it’s not going to be much of a snowstorm. I’m still hoping for a bigger storm before the winter ends!! But for now, at least it looks pretty :) Read more »

A new recipe

Hi! Today I tried making a new dessert recipe. It sounds kinda weird but it actually tastes pretty good. They’re tahini (sesame paste) caramel chocolate bites. I love trying interesting recipes, (especially chocolate ones) and I try to find yummy recipes that are healthier, like this one.  I can’t wait until Read more »

Treadmill workout

Hi! I ran this morning on the treadmill. I don’t think I’ll be doing a marathon anytime soon. At the rate I run, I would start the marathon on Sunday with everyone else, but I would still be running on Monday :) Read more »

Today’s groceries

Hi! I went grocery shopping today. I bought lots of fruits and veggies. I lead an active and healthy lifestyle and I hope to be able to share that with a child. Of course, ya’ gotta also have treats, so I also bought ingredients to make homemade ice cream!!! Yummmm!! My go to flavor is coffee ice cream :) Read more »

Indoor cycling class

Hi! I just came home from teaching my Wed night indoor cyling class. It was really great! We rocked it out to great music and everyone worked hard! And, as you can see from my pic, so did I!!! I love helping people get more fit and healthy in a fun positive environment. Read more »

My first adoption diary entry!!!!

Hi!!! Welcome to my first adoption diary entry!!! When I was 12 years old I actually had a diary (with the little lock and key). This diary is a little different. I hope this diary as well as my profile, will help you feel comfortable placing your baby with me. If there is anything I can do to help you feel more comfortable, Read more »

About This Diary

welcome!!! I hope you enjoy my ramblings :) I hope that this diary gives you a little insight into what my daily life is like, and what my personality is like.

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