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Hangin’ out with my friend’s baby

At any parties or gatherings, my friends and family members always pass me their babies to hold when the babies are crying. This baby wouldn’t fall asleep, so my friend gave him to me to try and see if I could get him to fall asleep. I managed to get him to sleep but as you can see from the pic he was wide awake after a few minutes! He is 6 months old and sooooo cute!!!  I love babies and children of all ages, and I can’t wait to have my own child to bring to all of our parties and get togethers. Read more »

Llama Llama Red Pajama

I’m trying to learn Spanish, and I thought this would be a fun way to practice. It’s another book I can add to the children’s’ library that I already started. I would probably also get the English version of this book since it’s such a fun classic book. But I also think It would be great for my Read more »

Hangin’ out with a friend eating cookies and ice cream

This was a super cute ice cream and cookie shop in Charleston, SC that I visited with my friend Sarah during our New Orleans road trip in June. That store only sold homemade ice cream and fresh baked cookies (how cool is that??). It had quite a nice selection and the guy behind the counter gave me a REALLY generous portion of Read more »

Me and My Super Cute Baby Cousin

My baby cousin was only about 1 month old at the time of this picture. Isn’t he sooooo cute? I LOVE babies and kids and always have. Whenever I’m around my friends and family with their babies, they always pass them to me when the babies are fussy, crying or colicky. Cranky babies really like me and calm down with Read more »

My Crazy Shoes

I’m a little artsy and kinda funky and I looooove fun shoes. Who’s with me on this? :) A few years ago for my birthday, I bought myself these crazy shoes. I haven’t worn them a ton (for obvious reason) but they were fun to buy and it might sound strange, but they make me happy just knowing that they’re Read more »

Me & My Friend Steph in Florida

A few months ago, my friend Stephanie asked if I wanted to go to Florida with her for a few day. Her mother’s friend had an apartment we could use for free (score!) so of course I said, “sure! let’s go!” I’m always up for a last minute trip, a weekend getaway, or a road trip. I love traveling and Read more »

Me and some Cousins

These are just a few of my cousins. We DEFINITELY need to add another cousin to the group :) I have several 1st and 2nd cousins who live pretty close by, so it’s great that we can get together often. I have a small but loving and supportive family and I have tons of friends, so I’m really blessed. My cousins have Read more »

Girls’ Night out in NYC

Last night I went with two of my friends to see the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in New York City. It was really cool. All of the Van Gogh’s paintings were projected on walls and and on the floor, and there was also movement added so it was interesting to watch. I love that my friends like to do random fun things and I Read more »

I built a cabinet

I needed a little extra cabinet space so I build this cabinet for my kitchen. I do a lot of DIY projects around my home since I’m pretty handy and I even know how to use some power tools :)  I’ve painted, tiled and built many cabinets. I won’t need this cabinet for much longer since I am planning to Read more »

I am an Indoor Cycling Instructor

This is what I look like after teaching my indoor cycling class :) I clearly got a good workout and I hope the class members did too!  That pic was taken in my old gym which closed during Covid. Now I am in a new gym and I also do personal training privately in people’s houses and on Zoom. My work is flexible and I Read more »

The first day of school is almost here!

I teach fitness classes in college, and this year I’m going to be teaching a high school gym class for the first time. I love teaching students of different ages and different backgrounds and I’m looking forward to trying something new. It will be a new age group for me and a new school. Wish me luck!!!! Read more »


I recently upgraded to an SUV since it’s much easier to go in and out with a baby/toddler than my previous 2 door car was. My 2 door car was red and fun so I knew I had to make my SUV fun too. I added these fun flower magnets to jazz it up :) I also wanted to be able to find it easily in a parking since there are sooooo Read more »

Ben and Jerry’s

I love going on road trips and I love going to Vermont. I’ve been there several times. One of my favorite places I went to was the Ben and Jerry’s ice cram factory. I love ice cream and I love tie dye so this pic sums it all up! I definitely plan to take my child on lots of fun road trips and I probably will have Read more »

Monster cupcakes

I made these monster cupcakes just for fun. I thought they were sooo cute. I love cooking and baking and I love cooking and baking with kids. I often go over to my friends’ houses to bake with their kids. I hope to make more of these fun cupcakes and make lots of other yummy fun foods and desserts with my own child Read more »

LOOOOVE the beach

I live three miles from the beach and I try to go as often as I can in the summer. I grew up a block away form the beach and have very fond memories of going there with my family every Sunday, building sand castles, and jumping waves. My favorite bathing suit when I was four, was red with a big clock on it. I remember I was Read more »

Baby Blankets

I’m a little artsy, and one art activity that I do the most is knitting and crocheting. I knit and crochet all of my sweaters that I wear in the fall and winter. I’ve also made several baby blankets so that I’m ready when an adoption comes through. I made blankets in neutral colors and I’m ready to Read more »

Bike ride around the harbor

I live a heathy active lifestyle, and one of my favorite activities is to go biking around the harbor near my house. This ride was with my friend Sarah on a beautiful sunny day. Read more »

Central Park Performance

I live about 45 minutes from New York City so it’s great that I can go there to do fun things. I went with my friends to see a Run Woman Show which was a roving performance in Central Park about a marathon runner. We all had headphones synched to the story and the performer would dance and act out the story. Then we Read more »


I love drinking all kinds of smoothies. I love fruit and I eat mostly healthy foods. This one is a frozen milk. It’s Milk, chocolate syrup and ice all blended together. It’s refreshing a great way to get kids to drink milk :) Read more »

Me and My dad

I just saw my Dad. He moved to Tennessee, so I don’t see him as often as I’d like to. He looooves to tell jokes that no one else thinks are funny, but It’s ok cuz he doesn’t think they’re funny either! He just loves to tell them anyway :) Read more »

Savannah Bee Factory

On our road trip last month, My friend Sarah and I went to the Savannah Bee Company. We learned a lot about bees which was really interesting, and were able to go to the hive and see the honeycomb. Then we tasted a whole bunch of different types of honey including a creamed chocolate honey.. YUMMM. I LOVE chocolate and Read more »

Duck face selfie

Being silly with my friend Ann!! I’m so fortunate to have tons of fun and supportive friends. It’s great to have people to be silly with!!! Read more »

First day of the semesterr

Well, it’s back to teaching my Fitness Training course. The spring college semester has started again today and I’m so excited to meet my new group of students. Read more »


When you laugh so hard you can’t even talk…and you don’t even know what was so funny :) My friend took this picture of me and we were laughing so hard I couldn’t even eat my popcorn!!! I can’t even remember what we were laughing at but it’s great to have good friends that you can just be Read more »

Me at work

Hi! As a personal trainer I work at a gym right near my home. I also work only a few hours a day so I can be home most of the time with my child. It’s great to have that kind of flexibility. My gym also has great babysitting so every day can be a “bring your child to work” day :) Read more »

It’s snowing!!

It’s still snowing! It started this afternoon and it’s still snowing a bit tonight. It’s supposed to turn to rain later, so it’s not going to be much of a snowstorm. I’m still hoping for a bigger storm before the winter ends!! But for now, at least it looks pretty :) Read more »

A new recipe

Hi! Today I tried making a new dessert recipe. It sounds kinda weird but it actually tastes pretty good. They’re tahini (sesame paste) caramel chocolate bites. I love trying interesting recipes, (especially chocolate ones) and I try to find yummy recipes that are healthier, like this one.  I can’t wait until Read more »

Treadmill workout

Hi! I ran this morning on the treadmill. I don’t think I’ll be doing a marathon anytime soon. At the rate I run, I would start the marathon on Sunday with everyone else, but I would still be running on Monday :) Read more »

Today’s groceries

Hi! I went grocery shopping today. I bought lots of fruits and veggies. I lead an active and healthy lifestyle and I hope to be able to share that with a child. Of course, ya’ gotta also have treats, so I also bought ingredients to make homemade ice cream!!! Yummmm!! My go to flavor is coffee ice cream :) Read more »

Indoor cycling class

Hi! I just came home from teaching my Wed night indoor cyling class. It was really great! We rocked it out to great music and everyone worked hard! And, as you can see from my pic, so did I!!! I love helping people get more fit and healthy in a fun positive environment. Read more »

My first adoption diary entry!!!!

Hi!!! Welcome to my first adoption diary entry!!! When I was 12 years old I actually had a diary (with the little lock and key). This diary is a little different. I hope this diary as well as my profile, will help you feel comfortable placing your baby with me. If there is anything I can do to help you feel more comfortable, Read more »

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welcome!!! I hope you enjoy my ramblings :) I hope that this diary gives you a little insight into what my daily life is like, and what my personality is like.

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