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A Bit of Good News! - Feb. 25, 2020

Today we found out that we received a grant to reimburse the cost of our Home Study! This is on top of a very productive call with the Lawyer who will be working with us on the adoption and we are feeling really great about everything! Now all we need is to be chosen by someone special to really begin this journey! We are so excited! Read more »

CPR Certified and a New Haircut! Feb. 16, 2020

This week I got re-certified in CPR and first aid.  I do it every two years as part of my job.  This year I realized that my long hair was getting in my way though, so the very next day I made an appointment to get it all cut off.  I had been growing it out for about 5 years and it was past my waist. I got it Read more »

A Great Day, but Not a Perfect One - Feb. 7, 2020

Today Aaron and I had the day off together.  We took my car in for it’s annual inspection, we went thrift store shopping, and grocery shopping.  We came home and made banana-oatmeal cookies.  Aaron made lasagna for dinner and we watched our favorite show.  It was a great day, but not a perfect one. Read more »

Back to Plan A - February 1, 2020

A little about how we arrived at the decision to adopt. Aaron and I were married in 2011 but it wasn’t until 2017 that we decided to start trying to have a baby. We always knew it would be difficult for us, there are issues on both sides, but particularly with me.  To put it bluntly, my body doesn’t produce Read more »

Hogwarts House? January 24, 2020

Today I am leading a “Harry Potter” themed tour at work.  It should be a lot of fun and it got me thinking.  For folks of our generation, many of us take our Hogwarts Houses very seriously. :) So what is your Hogwarts House? My husband is a Ravenclaw and I am in Slytherin (but don’t let that alarm Read more »

Ready for the Adventure! - January 22, 2020

There are so many unknowns in this process. But I can tell you what I do know.  I know that my husband and I are ready for the adventure of having a little one to care for.  I know that it won’t always be smooth sailing.  There will be sleepless nights.  There will be teething. There will be terrible Read more »

Babysitting our Niece - Jan. 20, 2020

Today we got to spend the whole day with our niece.  She is 1 and a half years old and we love her so much! We try to teach her something new every time we see her.  Today she learned to say “I got you” which, I think, is her first real sentence. :) Family is such a blessing and I can’t wait for Read more »

Happy Sunday! - Jan. 19, 2020

Hello Lovely and Happy Sunday! I wonder how you spend your Sundays? One of the hardest things about this process is all of the unknowns.  As much as we want you to get to know us, we also want to get to know you! We hope you are doing well.  I hope that you get to enjoy today and that the sun is shining on Read more »

Happy Saturday! - Jan. 18, 2020

Good Morning Beautiful Person! Today we started the day like we do most Saturdays, with me making a breakfast of eggs, toast, and hashbrowns. (Aaron is definitely the cook in the family, breakfast is the only meal I’m good at!) After catching up on some news and spending time with the kitty, Remy, I get dressed for Read more »

A Good Sense of Humor - Jan. 17, 2020

One of the things I love best about my husband is his sense of humor.  For the most part Aaron is a very quiet guy, but he loves comedies and loves to laugh.  You never know when he will enter a conversation with something completely apt and hilarious.   There’s just something about his smile that lights Read more »

A Creative Family - Jan. 16, 2020

We are a family that LOVES art and history! I am an artist, mostly portraits, but I love to create in other ways as well. I love to paint, draw, sew, knit, and I even dabble in stained glass.   Every year we go all out with creativity for Halloween.  It’s one of the biggest holidays in our neighborhood and Read more »

Ready, Set, Go!!!  - Jan. 15, 2020

We are officially off to the races! We’ve shared our profile on social media and have gotten several views.  Adoptimist has been a blessing already and we only hope that the right person will find us, that we will find each other.  Maybe you are that person? We hope that you are. Please feel free to Read more »

A long hoped-for daughter Jan. 14, 2020

When dreaming about our future family, there were things that my husband and I absolutely agreed on. First, we knew we wanted only one child.  We know that our future child will be the center of our world, they will have our undivided love, attention, and resources.  Second, we knew that education would be first and Read more »

New Year, New Hopes - Jan. 13, 2020

Today we went live with our profile on Adoptimist.  We are so hopeful that this will help us reach our dream of adopting a child.  We always knew that adoption would be part of the plan as we try to start a family.  Both Aaron and I have issues with infertility.  But it is particularly difficult for me to Read more »

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