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Tim & Zach

We’re excited to become dads! There will be dad jokes, never-ending cuddles, and a life full of love.

We are Zach, Tim, and Andy; a family of two humans and a dog. We have built our family of three and hope to make it a family of four with your help! Our loving family came together in 2011 when Zach and Tim first met. After our engagement in 2012, we bought a home and rescued Andy from our local animal shelter. Our loving home is ready for a child.

We’ve had many adventures leading up to this point in our lives and plan to continue as our family grows. Our year is not complete without a few family traditions. We go on an annual vacation to Folly Beach, SC. Twice a year we go camping with some of our closest friends. Every Sunday morning we have coffee with Barb and Doug. Each Halloween we carve pumpkins. Holidays are always shared with our family in Michigan and North Carolina. We hope to continue some of our traditions and create new ones as our family grows.

We realize that adoption is a tough decision and you are entrusting us to raise your child. Know that we will not disappoint and look forward to taking this journey with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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Who We Are

Like most relationships today, we met online. Our first date was a coffee meetup at Starbucks. We hit it off instantly. Our next date was a couple of days later, on Tim’s birthday. We played laser tag, had no one to play with, so we ended up playing with the employees. It was a lot of fun. Thereafter, we dated for awhile, met each others friends, and started making memories.

When we're together, we enjoy trying new foods, shopping, and checking out local markets. We like to shop and eat local as much as possible. Our dog Andy is a very loving, calm, and cute cattle dog. He’s gentle, loving, and very smart. He loves to nap, cuddle, and go for long walks.

We live in a cute 1940's bungalow in a cozy little town outside of Charlotte, NC called Huntersville. Our neighbors are friendly and our streets are quit for the most part.

We look forward to filling our home with baby laughs and feet patters.

Adoption Diary

The Journey Continues

It has been a while since we posted an update to this “diary”, so here we go.

Recently, Tim and I have started talking about the next phase of preparing for a child in our home. We really wanted to wait for a match before we started to set up the nursery. Now that we have talked with several potential matches, still waiting to find “the one”, we have decided to start getting the nursery ready even without a match. As we have started to discuss this we have many friends who would like to be involved and for Tim’s parents this will be their first grandchild, so they would also like to be involved. As the discussion between us has continued, we have decided to start with help from his parents to get the nursery set up. You might be reading this and thinking well what about Zach’s parents, they have 5 grand kids already and are fine with allowing us to take on this task. The shopping will commence and we will see where this goes. Look for updates and pictures as we get the next phase of this process underway.

New Adventures

As we are waiting to be matched, working, and schooling, we found time to get away and experience new adventures with our friends. This weekend we left the city and came p to the mountains with a few friends. We rented a house around the corner from a ski lodge. Tim went snowboarding while Zach stayed at the house with Andy and did homework. It was great to see the snow and take in the cooler weather. We cannot wait to share adventures like this with a child. We want to expose them to as many activities as possible to help them explore what they want to do and create a life of adventures.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Tim & Zach

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Tim & Zach