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We're that couple who believes in love at first date. It's real. But it's not everything. Fast forward six years through a wedding, three moves, two college degrees, and one adopted son, and we'll both tell you that love takes on new meaning with trials and with time. When nurtured in the right way (and we're constantly learning more what that means) love becomes even more beautiful than we ever could have imagined that first time we met.

So where are we now? We're on Adoptimist hoping to meet you! We're also enjoying our time in California. We're stationed here on assignment with the military (Abraham is a Sergeant) before we move one last time for a long-term job. Chante is a stay-at-home Mom caring for our toddler. She's also a musician, children's book collector, and family bike-ride enthusiast. Abraham is a dedicated father whose favorite activity is building sandcastles on the beach with his son.

We're a happy little family of three - hoping to grow to four! Since we cannot bear our own children, we've always looked forward to linking arms with others in parenthood. Expectant parents give life to a little one, and we would like to give our lives to help raise him or her. Our responsibilities towards your little one will differ, but the love will be the same. And in this world, you can never have too much love.

For starters, we love our family and you will too! Check out our Q&A interviews (to the right on this page.) Or check out the photo albums we put together for you.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Thanks for stopping by. We wish you all the best in your journey - wherever it takes you and your little one.

Our Home

We currently live on the coast of California where we enjoy ocean sunsets multiple times each week. Our home is in a safe, peaceful neighborhood with lawns and side-walks. It's a single-level house with room to grow (one of the two guest rooms will become the baby's room) and it is already child-proofed. We have a fenced backyard with an herb garden, picnic table where we eat Sunday dinner, and way too many sand pile and basketball toys for our son to play with. :)

About Abraham


--> Favorite pizza?
Hawaiian (Freschetta).

---> Favorite thing to do at the beach?
Collect seashells. I gave Chante so many while we were dating that she glued them together and made a miniature seashell city.
“Okay. You hold the baby, and I’ll hold you.” -- Abraham

----> What's your personality like?
I’m the type of guy who observes and listens. I prefer deeper conversations with people I know well over socializing with a lot of new people. I value peace above many other things. I am quiet but confident. Have you guessed it? I’m an introvert.

---> What's one hobby?
Puzzles. I once did one that was 3,500 pieces. Now I do floor puzzles with my son that are 35 pieces. We only have a few thousand to go.

---> Who are your best friends?
Besides Chanté, my best friends are my four brothers (we don't have any sisters.) We get together with our families as often as possible for barbecues , Science Saturday (an activity day sponsored by Grandpa for the grandkids), or games like Catch Phrase. We also have fun talking about politics or sharing cool YouTube videos we've found like Dude Perfect.

---> What do you do for work?
I work full-time in the military. Originally, I joined because I wanted a stable job for my family. Eight years later, I do have a stable job, but I also have a career that I love. Additionally, I work part-time as an online university instructor.

---> What do you like about being a Dad?
Playing with my son. It's seriously my favorite part of the day. My family always said I was a kid at heart. It's true. Having a child gives me a great excuse to play at the playground again, build sandcastles. or race HotWheels cars. My only problem is that he is growing far too quickly...

---> Chante - what do you love about Abraham?
Yay! I'm glad I finally get to say something. :)
1. He is a supportive husband and dedicated Dad. He often says, "I want to make you happy."
2. He is very intelligent and remembers pretty much anything he's ever learned (I wish I could say the same about me!) Ask him anything about history or politics and I promise he knows it.
3. He prefers doing fun things with the family to any other form of entertainment. (A true gem in the guy arena, I know!)
4. He is witty and makes me laugh. One time at a theme park, I told him I was going to hold the baby on the ride. “Okay,” Abraham said. “You hold the baby, and I’ll hold you.”

About Chante


---> Favorite cake?
Homemade Angel Food cake with lots of crust.

---> Favorite thing to do at the beach?
Take pictures. I experience life through the lens.
"Chante loves making up songs for our son and sings at least three good morning songs. It's no wonder he's so happy."

---> Favorite hobby?
Collecting children's books. I have an entire library! It's organized with color-coded labels so I know just which ones to pull out for each holiday. Thankfully I have a toddler now to read my collection with.

---> What instruments have you played?
Piano, violin, guitar, harp, and the latest addition (which may be my favorite so far!) is the ukulele.

---> What's your personality like?
I love new situations, people, and places. I learn something new from everyone. I'm a results-oriented person who likes projects. I'm also an open book and will share anything if someone wants to talk. I'm not shy.

---> How do you view adoption as a mother who cannot have children naturally?
I think of it as linking arms with someone in motherhood because this symbolizes equals in importance. One mother gives the gift of life to birth a little one. The other gives her life to raise him. Both gifts are important - priceless beyond measure - and an honor to give. Under ideal circumstances, a woman is able to accomplish both of these roles. But in my case, at least I can fulfill one of them! So I chose to focus on that, with gratitude for the opportunity when granted.

---> How do you like Motherhood so far?
It's challenging and rewarding! I love it more than anything I've ever done. Motherhood teaches me more than any degree I've ever received and it brings me more happiness than any hobby ever could. My son changed my life the moment I met him. I quit a job that I loved because I loved him even more.

---> What kind of activities do you do with your son?
At home, we have an arts and crafts table, science project books (we made slime the other day), and a music bin of small instruments like tambourines or shakers that we play together. Outside of the house, I love taking our toddler to children's museums, the local aquarium, and library story times.

---> Abraham, what do you love about Chante?
1. She reminds me of Anne of Green Gables - she is positive, energetic, creative, expressive, and cute.
2. Her sister nicknamed her “firecracker” because she has so much energy and zest for life.
3. She loves being a mother and is constantly coming up with new ideas to care for, entertain, or educate our son.
4. She is musical and sings at least three good-morning songs to our son. It’s no wonder he’s so happy.

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