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Our Story

Adam and Brooke both grew up on the East Coast and now call the West Coast their home. In 2005, back while they were both in college, they met online as writers for a web page. After years of being friends and briefly losing touch, they reconnected in 2013. Brooke moved across country to where Adam was in Washington and they married in 2015.

Brooke grew up between Maryland and Pennsylvania. She was raised by her homemaker mother, who taught her the value of working hard to make a living. She went to Pennsylvania State University and after graduating went to work as a tutor and a nanny. Between these experiences and all of the summer adventures with her many cousins, Brooke has always wanted to be a mother. She is an avid cupcake baking, Christmas card making machine. She loves to decorate for each holiday and make our home even homier. She also enjoys supporting our troops and works on care packages for abroad, as well as volunteering to keep a food pantry stocked for local families in need.

Adam was raised in Florida. His librarian mother and engineer father instilled in him a balance of math and English that led him to finding his nose buried in a book, while a screwdriver was in the other hand taking apart the toaster. Adam went to the University of Central Florida where after seven years as a career student, he graduated with two degrees. He then entered the world of retail management, which moved him all across the country. He has been playing guitar for over 20 years and is starting to play the mandolin too. He's in a band and plays small shows and venues around the area, as well as writing and recording new music. When he's not playing music, Adam enjoys taking long jogs, sketching and drawing and tinkering around with electronics.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a quiet, 3 bedroom/2 bathroom condominium that's only a 5 minute drive from downtown Kent. The rooms are set up as a nursery, office and bedroom. Our home is only a 5 minute walk to what will be our child's first school! The porch out back gives way to dramatic sunsets on top of East Hill, overlooking the yard that wraps around our end unit. Just off of the hill are plenty of parks, walking trails, and gardens to visit and wonderful playgrounds. We are also a short 30-40 minute drive away from Tacoma, Seattle, and/or Bellevue where there are plenty of museums, parks and playgrounds to explore.

About Brooke by Adam

The first thing that ever attracted me to Brooke was that she is someone who is always so open and giving. She couldn't even squash an insect (spiders are arachnids, they don't count) and rather carry it outside so that it can fly away! She remembers everyone's birthdays and makes sure that everyone knows how special they are to her. She thinks of everyone else before she even considers herself. She is extraordinarily selfless and caring for anyone and everyone around her.

It doesn't take much for Brooke to create anything. She is extremely thrifty and creative; always finding ways to reuse what we already have or stretching things out with her imagination. She can look in our pantry, find any five ingredients and make an amazing baked goodie. She is able to envision what others say is impossible and set off in a direction of possible to make it happen.

When it comes to kids and babies, she is so excited to grow our family. She has the ability to see things like a child herself; always exploring and enjoying, playing on playgrounds, coloring, baking and just driving anywhere and nowhere all at once. She doesn't like to sit still and is always ready to go. In many ways she is like a child that never grew up. These qualities will make her a wonderful mother!

About Adam by Brooke

Adam will make a wonderful father! He is at times just a big kid himself, which is one of the things I love about him. He is hard working, but always makes time for the important things, such as family and community. I've watched him with our friend's grandkids and he loves being part of their little group. He is patient and thoughtful, as well as creative. He always has something going on, whether it be music or writing, playing guitar or just relaxing with a good book. He is a thinker and speaks from the heart. He may be quiet at times, but that quality really comes through when he raises ideas on whatever subject you are talking to him about. He never tries, but seems to always be the center of attention. People just gravitate to him and everyone seems to love him!

Adam will do anything for anyone if he can. He is ready and willing and usually first to lend a hand when someone is in need or there is a project that someone might need help with. He is someone who people look up to. He takes that role very seriously especially with the kids he works with (teaching music to). He treats everyone he meets with kindness and understanding; never wanting to judge someone's story. Adam is funny beyond words and will make you laugh until you cry. At the same time, he is also sweet and sincere and loves to make you feel special. Family is so important to him.

He is going to make a child as happy as he makes me. He has so much love to give and can't wait to be a father! He can't wait to have a little person who he can play with and have an excuse to be a "big kid"!

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