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Hello, we are Jeff and Marc. Thank you for wanting to learn more about us and our story!

We met online back in 2007, when it was still sort of an odd thing to do. Initially meeting for coffee, Jeff brought a friend with him on the first date, to ensure Marc was who he said he was. You never can be too careful!! Neither one of us expected that date to blossom into what it has today. Long distances, graduate schools, and eventual careers were no match for the love we share for each other. In what our friends call the “longest engagement ever”, we were married in the summer of 2018, after 11 years together!

From early on in our relationship, we have always discussed having children and growing our family. Honestly, it was kind of a deal breaker for both of us. That said, we both recognize it is not a decision that is made lightly, and we have never been more ready! It is with great joy that we embark on this journey, and we are beyond excited to welcome a child into our hearts and home through open adoption.

So, on to our families!

“Are you ready? This could get confusing!” That’s what Marc always told Jeff as they were headed to a family event. Marc comes from a large Irish and Italian Catholic family. Marc’s mom is one of five children. Marc’s dad is one of nine children. Can you imagine all of those children having children of their own? Marc has endless cousins, second cousins, third cousins and if there can be fourth and fifth, that too! Once you get past memorizing everyone's names, you can appreciate the huge amount of support and entertainment value that is derived from such a large family structure. Don’t let anyone know, but Jeff is actually better at remembering who is who in Marc’s family than Marc himself!

On the contrary, Jeff has quite a small family. Jeff is the youngest of two children, having an older sister who is coincidently—ADOPTED! After years of trying, Jeff’s parents decided to adopt. Jeff’s sister was welcomed into the family from her birth mother who was in a unique set of circumstances; where you may be today. For this reason, we know how incredibly brave you are to be making this decision. After several years, Jeff’s parents had Jeff, who just so happens to be biological—surprise!! While Jeff’s family is small, they are full of love, hope, joy, and life!

Traveling and hobbies...

As we mentioned before, one of the best things about our home is the location. However, there is a small catch, the weather can be challenging for four months of the year! One of the ways we like to manage the long winters is through family sledding parties, snow skiing, and traveling! Marc’s profession allows for a unique opportunity for us to travel multiple times a year. We love to plan our travel around the long winters and head to tropical destinations in the Caribbean and Hawaii.

During the summer months, you’d be hard pressed to get us to leave home! We really enjoy our time off kayaking the rivers and lakes, BBQing in our backyard with family and friends, playing golf, volleyball, tennis, or just walking and riding bikes along the miles of outdoor space. On rainy days, you can find us watching a movie, playing board games or Marc tinkering in the garage on the “next project”.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We purchased our dream home in 2015. It’s a beautiful Tudor style home, built in 1925 with plenty of room to grow our family. Despite being an older home, it was fairly turn-key, but we still enjoy putting our own personal touches on the space—like finishing the attic into a media room/den and guest suite. Our favorite part of the home is the private back yard where we often host family/friends for summer get-togethers.

We live in a quiet neighborhood in NY with both a mix of young and established families. It’s perfect because we are within walking distance to numerous playgrounds, parks, and museums. Bella loves when we take family walks around the nearby lake.

The best part of living here, believe it or not, is the weather! Eight months out of the year it's comfortable enough to enjoy the outdoors. Even the winter months aren’t bad as long as you’re dressed for the elements. It’s better to embrace the snow, and we can’t wait to take a child sledding at “Nana and Papas”.

Jeff by Marc

adoptive family photo - Jeff by Marc I fell in love with Jeff at first sight! I will never forget the day I walked into that coffee shop and saw him look up, smile, and more importantly, not run. The first time we met, I immediately noticed his calm, quiet, and shy demeanor. After several hours of conversation, mostly me talking and Jeff listening, it became apparent that he was more than just a great listener, but an incredibly kind, thoughtful, and compassionate person.

At a young age, Jeff knew exactly what he wanted to do when he grew up. While he swam and played baseball during most of his childhood, being a professional athlete wasn’t his dream, it was to help people. This ultimately drove him to the medical field, where he practices as a Pharmacist.

My favorite part of every day is when I’m beside Jeff. Whether it’s stopping by his work and seeing him interact with his patients, walking our puppy (Bella) through the park, or simply sitting silently next to him on the couch, Jeff completes me as a husband, and your child will complete us as a family.

Marc by Jeff

adoptive family photo - Marc by Jeff Marc is one of the most kind-hearted, fun loving people I have ever met. Always the life of the party, his joy and happiness are infectious and it’s impossible to not have a good time if Marc’s around. He can always put a smile on your face, and I’m reminded everyday how lucky I am that we found each other!

Marc works as an airline pilot. Having soloed his first flight at the age of 15, Marc was flying before many of us could even drive! It was this passion and dedication at such a young age, that has made him successful in the industry today. Having traveled all over the world, a true family man at heart, there is nowhere he’d rather be than home.

“Uncle Marky Boy” is a kid magnet. Whether rolling on the floor being trampled by nieces, nephews, and cousins alike or quietly narrating a children's book in the corner, kids are drawn to him. It’s moments like these that highlight how great of a father Marc will be and make us both excited for parenthood!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jeff & Marc

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