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Home Adventures: Making Saltines

On Sunday I decided to make saltines.  I started making crackers a few weeks ago, by making gluten free crackers with chickpea flour.  BTW, it is very difficult to work with gluten free dough, and I would’ve done best to start traditional and make my way to more challenging.  Even without a food processor, creating the dough was a dream.  I finally have a rolling pin, but I didn’t get the crackers to be thin enough, that may take a batch or two to master.  You can see they are funny shapes, and that was part of my struggle as I last-minuted flattened them with my fingers, which changed the shape (although they still weren’t all thin enough to qualify as a cracker.  They came out as cracker-cookies, but still a delicious snack (all eaten in 2 days by me and my neighbors). 

My baking is partly functional, because I’d rather bake than unnecessarily leave my home, but is also about trying something new.  Hope you are having some good experiences in your isolation.  Talk later…

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I have always wanted to be a mother. For me, adoption is my first choice. Am looking to start my family as a single mother, and intend to have one child. I have been looking since July 2019, and started the process in fall of 2018. I am Home Study approved.

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