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Thirteen years ago, my sister Evelyn and Roberto’s Uncle Ron decided Roberto and I should meet. That was our first miracle. Ron, Evelyn and Roberto knew each other from childhood and then reconnected in business as adults. I knew of Roberto as a kid as well. But he didn’t know I existed. Roberto is three years older and hung out with the older kids like my sister. Fast forward and we are blessed to be celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary this March!
One the very important things that Roberto and I had in common was our love for family and friends. This was our second miracle. My family, which includes cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and grandparents always reunited for almost every holiday. When I was a kid my parents would usually have a family BBQ to celebrate my birthday. I still have the same friends I had from elementary school and high school. They are my chosen family. Roberto’s family life mirrored mine and it’s so wonderful. It has been so amazing to have our families adopt each other. Our parents have even become great friends. Some of our friends have become friends with each other. We have blended our worlds together and its beautiful picture.
In 2011 after suffering from my first ectopic pregnancy God granted us our 3rd miracle. We became pregnant with our son Nathaniel. Nate was born 6 weeks premature. He was so cute and strong. He is now 7 years old. He’s smart, caring, full of energy and loves to play with his toys. At the moment Black Panther is his favorite character. He is beyond excited to be a big brother! A year after Nate was born, I suffered another ectopic pregnancy which left me unable to conceive children again.
In these last 13 years so much has happened in our lives. It started with us falling in love with each other. Love has been a constant in our lives. The ingredient we use in every decision we make. Love is what makes us grow and move onto different chapters. Love gets us through the bad times. Love is what made us happy cry when our son was born. Love is what brought us to making the decision to grow our family through the miracle of adoption.
We are hoping that we will be blessed with a 4th miracle. Another chance to share our love. We have so much love to give. If you are pregnant or know someone who is trying to make an adoption plan please consider love, please consider our family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We moved to Long Island, NY from Queens, NY in 2011. We bought a cape style home in a nice community with great schools! One of the things we love about the community is its’ convenience to everything. Our home has 3 bedrooms, 1 and a half bathrooms, a big back yard and front yard. We have a big living room which we have divided into a play area for our son. We also have a family room with a fire place and dining room. We have plenty of space for get togethers with family and friends! Every year we host New Years for them and it’s a such a blast!

About Roberto

Roberto has one of the sweetest hearts ever created. He takes such good care of us. As soon as one of us even sneezes he’s at the supermarket buying all the ingredients for his chicken soup. Roberto makes the BEST soups! And yes, he will bring it to us on a tray in bed! My parents know that he will take care of me when I need him. All parents wish that their child’s partner is someone that will take care them as well or better than they did. My parents know they have that in Roberto.

Roberto is 43 years old, was a commercial truck driver. Since he drove for a living I like to call him a "human map". With Roberto behind the wheel we never get lost. But this summer Roberto made a career change and is off the road. He now works for the same company behind the scenes. Some of our road trips include driving across the country and twice to Florida. Last year we drove to upstate NY for a few days at Jellystone park for the first time. It was so much fun! We stayed in a cabin and roasted marshmallows, played laser tag and enjoyed all the amenities! We love to explore and hope to do more of it in the future. Roberto's family is from Guatemala and we traveled there in 2007. Roberto is fluent in Spanish. We hope to take Nate there one day too. It’s a beautiful country, rich in agriculture, beautiful mountains, volcanoes and the people are so warm and welcoming.

Roberto loves anything sci-fi. Star Trek, Star Wars, Fringe etc. He also LOVES Game of thrones, in fact we recently re-watched every season to get us ready for the new season coming out this year! We can’t wait! Roberto is a big techy and loves the latest technology. Lately, he has been teaching himself to code and has taken some online courses. So proud of his determination.

Roberto fell completely in love with Nate the moment he was born. He and Nate love to play tag, box and wrestle. Roberto and Nate have lots of fun playing with action figures. Lately they have been doing push up competitions. Which I’ve become a part of too. They love each other so much.

About Michele

I will start from the beginning. From the game of phone tag that changed my life. The game lasted about two days. I was nervous to speak to her, so missing each other was some what of a relief. Until finally we connected. A true connection. We talked about what seemed like everything. I learned so much about her within those long conversations. Like the fact that her family is from Portugal. I learned that not only did she speak fluent Portuguese but also fluent Spanish. A few days later she insisted we immediately meet for coffee. That was my first glimpse of what an adventurous person she is.

Michele is an incredible woman, mother, wife, best friend. She is the blessing I never thought I deserved. She is the strength that holds our little family together. Even through our hardships she is my “rock”. Her strength is matched by her intelligence. She is constantly thinking, thinking of ways to get us ahead, and make our lives better. Nothing gets past her. Nate and I can and will never be able to get away with anything.

Michele loves music and loves to dance. You can always find her on the dance floor at a party or just dancing her heart out in the kitchen while making dinner.

When Michele loves she loves with everything that exists inside of her. She’s the fire that lights my way forward. But it’s not just for me. She loves and cares greatly for our families and our friends. Love is not simply a word for her. It’s an action. An action she has put into play consistently for all 40 years of her life. I love her for the life she has given me and the son we were blessed with.

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