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Our Story

Just 15 years old, we met at our high school lockers.
It's hard to miss Joe as he is always making someone laugh. He's a big guy with a giant heart.

When Amy showed up to his home with cupcakes for a school fundraiser, Joe's mom would say later "Joe, why don't you date Amy?" But teenage boys don't listen to their moms...or do they?

We reconnected in our 20s when we were in New York City for graduate school. We often hung out on the rooftop of his apartment, talking and staring out at the city skyline. We began to see we had so much in common: music, history, family, sports/baseball, fishing. On our first date, Joe's cooked Amy a delicious fish dinner. This scored big points! Joe courted Amy with nights at jazz clubs, walks in the city parks, and food-inspired adventures. When Joe graduated from his masters in music, he and his band performed two songs written for Amy. The families, in the audience, knew then that Amy & Joe were forever.
Our dog Zilla came soon after and she was part of Joe's proposal, "unwrapping" her birthday gifts to reveal Amy's engagement ring! After 10 years of marriage, we continue to make each other laugh and lean on one another in tough times. Our love story only grows as our relationships with friends and family deepen and we have more and more love to give.

We love to spend time with family and friends and have a range of interests! We like to cook, fish, go to concerts, travel, play in the dog park, root for the Yankees and watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

We both have jobs we love. Joe is a well-known musician and VP of MultiMedia for a large corporation. Amy is a psychologist with her own group practice in NYC. Both of us have flexibility and autonomy in our jobs to be very present for our child. We plan to take a lot of parental leave and then go back to work part-time so we can share the caregiving of our child, and not leave him/her with a nanny or babysitter. We believe it's important that we be present to care for our child.

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything" - Katherine Hepburn

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We love our home and neighborhood. We live in a 3-bedroom brick home in a family-friendly neighborhood in Queens NY. There are many young families on our block and plenty of kids of all ages. We have a nursery all furnished and ready to greet our little one! The main attraction is our home currently is our large kitchen with a double oven for Joe's famous pizza parties! And all our friends kids love Joe's music studio - where the drums, guitars, and hand-held instruments make for a great jam!

Our fenced-in backyard is home to Joe's fruit and vegetable garden, and we love to get everyone together for a BBQ and a game of bocce. We chose our neighborhood for its diverse population and the lovely parks, playgrounds, schools, libraries, and family-friendly activities. Right on our block is a large, fabulous playground where we take our friends' kids. 20 minutes away is NYC, where we enjoy a variety of museums, landmarks, restaurants, entertainment and culture.

We took a photo of Joe's family hanging out with us in the backyard making s'mores! It's a fun summer tradition that our nieces especially love.

About Amy

adoptive family photo - Amy I grew up in a fun and busy household. I especially loved the summers when our family all swam for the local team and we spent hours fishing and boating. My mom was a stay-at-home mom and my dad was an electrician, following his training in the US Navy. I’ve played piano since I was 4 years old and loved trying new things: tennis, diving, writing, softball. My parents were very supportive of my sister and I exploring our interests and talents. They also modeled the values of honesty, compassion, forgiveness and generosity. Our house was the place were family and friends always congregated for a BBQ or a long chat on the back porch.

I learned a strong work ethic from both my parents. My first job was at 14, working in a local video store. At 18, my first piece of writing was published in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. In my early 20s, I spent two years in Australia practicing photojournalism before I realized my true calling as a psychologist. After receiving my PhD, I worked in a child advocacy center helping children who had been abused or neglected. I now own a private group therapy practice in Manhattan which gives me more flexibility to be at home with a child.

When asked to describe myself, I’d say I am even-keeled, a good friend and listener, loving and funny. Joe describes me as hardworking, intelligent, and loving. In my spare time, I love tennis, writing, skiing, cooking, piano, and spending time with Joe and our dog.

I chose this photo to represent the playful side of me that I still embrace from my childhood.

About Joe

adoptive family photo - Joe Joe has been lighting up a room since a very young age. He moved to New Jersey from Staten Island at age 12. It was around this time that Tripp (now his brother-in-law) gave him his first bass guitar. By age 14, Joe was gigging all over NJ and NYC. In addition to music, Joe played volleyball, baseball, and was deeply interested in history and the arts.

Family time meant a lot of joking around the dinner table. Joe’s mom was a nurse and later a stay-at-home mom. Joe’s dad was an aerospace engineer. They both knew how to encourage Joe’s academic interests and support his music. Joe and his sister Dawn recall dancing around the table on nights when they ordered in pizza and weren’t eating a macrobiotic meal. Joe’s love of gardening comes from many RV vacations to the family farm in Connecticut.

In college, Joe concentrated on history and translated ancient texts from Latin and Greek into English. He supported his education costs with his gigs and studio sessions. He later received his MA in Music and travelled worldwide with several bands until 2011 when he accepted a job as an audio-visual engineer with the focus on starting a family. He is currently the VP of Multimedia and works a flexible schedule.

Joe is witty, sincere, knowledgeable, gentle and a great story teller. Joe is part of a social wiffle ball league, is an avid sports fan and loves to flyfish. He also likes to geek out over art, history, archeology and philosophy. Kids love Joe for his sense of humor and his playful side!

Joe and Amy have composed an album together, where he wrote the music and Amy the lyrics. They have also created a meditation CD together.

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