Adam and Sara - Emberlyn, Everly and Elizabeth.

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Adam and Sara - Emberlyn, Everly and Elizabeth.

Our family is filled with unconditional love, energy and laughter.

We are Adam and Sara. We know you have many families to choose from so we are very grateful to you for viewing our profile. If you need an open adoptive family for your child, we want to be there for you.

Please know you will always be respected and cherished in our home. As parents ourselves, we respect and honor the decision you are making for your child. We are here to support you and offer non-judgmental encouragement whatever you decide.

We will provide your child with great opportunities. We are open to either gender and any race. We will not change our mind if your baby has an unforeseen special need. We do not consider ourselves to be perfect people. No one is perfect, only Jesus. We have tried to paint ourselves in an honest and accurate way within our profile and we hope it helps you connect with us.

We hope you will reach out.

Sincerely with love,

Adam and Sara

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We currently live in Texas and are on a wait list at Quiver Full Adoptions in South Carolina. If you are interested in our family, we can go active with our agency or work privately on our own.
Text or call our agency: 864-334-8593

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Who We Are


We raise our children in a positive and uplifting environment filled with fun, laughter, and creativity.

Having kids means we do lots of kid-friendly activities already. Water parks, beach trips, Chick-fil-a runs, museums, zoos and trampoline parks are places we frequent. We also enjoy visiting amusement parks like Lego Land, Six Flags, and Sea World.
We travel regularly and don't mind taking spontaneous trips. On our last vacation, we went to Navarre Beach in Florida for the Fourth of July.

We are an active and health conscious family. In our family, your child would be encouraged to pursue the extracurricular activities he or she is interested in. The girls love their gymnastics, soccer and ice-skating lessons. Sara is blessed to stay home.
Education is very important to us. Our area has many educational opportunities including good private schools, a strong school district, and a large home-school group.

We are active in church (non-denominational) and appreciate the community our church provides.


Our oldest is 5 years old. She is spirited, energetic, fearless and curious. She is also loving and tender-hearted towards others. She is very excited about the possibility of having another sibling and about adopting. She was a great helper decorating baby's nursery. She loves to pick flowers and catch lizards! She has no fear of bugs or dirt. She is very creative. When asked about adoption she says "We will take care of the baby and love the baby"

Our second daughter loves to be silly and make people laugh. She is 4 years old. She's as cute as they come. When she starts talking you cant help but listen. She loves to dance and dress up in tutus, dresses and princess outfits. She is clever, talented, compassionate and a peace maker. She loves her sisters and is especially watchful of baby sister. She is sure to give her little sister a kiss and hug whenever she needs it. When asked about adoption she says: "We can name the baby sparkles!"

ELIZABETH (little Liz)
Our youngest is two. She also loves to make others laugh. She was a very easy going, calm baby. As a toddler, she is very kind and gentle with other children. We've been sure to mention the "new baby" frequently so she is ready for the arrival of a new child. She enjoys pointing out other "babies" when we are out and about. We've been talking about the new baby while decorating the nursery as well. Some of her favorite things to do are: splash in puddles and play dress up with her sister's shoes.


Our dogs are Baber and Beauty. Baber is a tiny Chihuahua and Beauty is a Rhodesian Ridge-back. They are an interesting and entertaining pair. Ridge-backs can grow quite large. They are very opposite in size yet they play very well together and love to run wild in the house when they get the chance.

While in college, two friends of ours invited us to play soccer (we both played soccer in college). It was only the four of us playing together. The two of us were on the same team against the other two. Sara paid no attention to me (Adam) and didn't even remember my name a year later when we came in contact again! However, I soon got Sara’s attention and we fell in love.

We were married in California where Sara grew up then moved to North Carolina where I got a job. We actually decided to relocate back to California and drove all the way across the country together. But, after 5 years, my company relocated us to Texas. We now live in a diverse and exciting area that provides us with many opportunities. We have grown closer and stronger through the changes of life.

Adoption Diary


On Friday Adam was off so we took Elizabeth and Everly to feed the horses at the sheriff’s station. We got to watch a horse having it’s hooves trimmed. We also had a special tour of the facility. We brought lots of carrots and apples. The horses love to see kids because they know tasty treats are soon to be offered.


Our oldest started kindergarten this week. We’ve all been adjusting to the new schedule. She was very brave and we are all so proud of her. We miss her as well! She’s so excited to adopt a new baby into the family. We hope to do so soon.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Adam and Sara - Emberlyn, Everly and Elizabeth.

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Adam and Sara - Emberlyn, Everly and Elizabeth.