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Ben & Katie-Lynn


Ben & Katie-Lynn
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Our Loving Family is excited to Adopt again and share Amazing Love from Brothers, Sisters, and Cousins too.

Dear birth mother,

You will always be your child's first mother. You have made the bravest decision to give life and carry your child despite your circumstances. If given the opportunity to bring up your child in our home, your brave choice will always be known to your child. Your child will be shown what it means to sacrifice for those you love by your example. Our family will completely embrace your child as an irreplaceable member of our family just like we have done with our son that I did not birth. I will forget that I did not birth your child because our love will be amazingly strong- I know this from experience with our son. Your child will have the continuous love and warmth of our large family. Your courage, wisdom, and love will be passed down to your child in our home.

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Who We Are

We met in college at a nearby church that was popular for college-aged kids. Katie-Lynn is more shy than Ben but introduced herself to Ben's friend which in turn started the 2 year dating relationship, and year long engagement. Ben proposed on his birthday after Katie-Lynn almost messed up his surprise plan by planning her own surprise for Ben for his birthday. We have been married since April 2008 and have 4 beautiful children since then. Even before we were married, we knew adoption was something we both strongly desired. We already have a blessing of a son that we were given the opportunity to adopt in February 2016.

Adoption Diary

11 years of marriage

Dear birthmom, I want to let you know your child would have parents that are committed to each other for better for worse and his/her needs would be met in a stable and loving home.  11 years ago today, we said our marriage vows.  I remember being nervous of all the wedding guests but confident in the man I was marrying.  Ben is completely committed to Jesus and that has made him become an even better man, husband, and father each passing year.  He finds so much joy in life and shares it with all of us.  I am confident he will share that joy with your child too if we are chosen to have the honor of raising your child.


Dear birthmom, I want to write to let you know about our support.  You see the pictures of the happy moments, but of course like any other humans there are not so good moments when you just need a lot of help and support.  Your child would have that support in our family for sure!  You’ve probably heard the saying “It takes a village”.  That expression has been very true with us the past week!!!! We have all been sick but thankfully Ben’s job is so generous in sick and vacation days he doesn’t have to worry.  My mom and dad, who live 10 minutes from us, have been so helpful and made us dinner each night.  Our church family has been texting encouraging words and praying for us.  We attend the same church as our pediatrician, and his daughter babysits for us- we couldn’t be more thankful!!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ben & Katie-Lynn

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Ben & Katie-Lynn