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All girls need pampering!

Tonight, our very close friends stopped by to see us from San Francisco and joined us for a delicious Peruvian dinner, from one of our favorite local spots. Evie is 12 years old and Luna adores her! Whenever these two get together it’s all about braiding each other’s hair, painting fingernails, followed by a dance party. The nail color choice was alternating pink and purple! Nothing wrong with having two favorite colors. Read more »

Weekend Getaway to San Diego

For the July 4th holiday we decided to go on a road trip down to San Diego. Michelle has family that lives in Point Loma, so we got to see the amazing fireworks show from the top of the hill overlooking the San Diego Harbor. We met up with one of Michelle’s childhood friend’s from Kansas, who just happened to be in San Diego too from Read more »

Pre-school graduation day!

Today was a big day in all of our lives! It was pre-school graduation day and was the first of many. Luna has now joined the ranks of the “big kids” and will start transitional kindergarten in Aug. The theme the last six months of school has been around the world, learning about all the states and continents. The kids performed various Read more »

Grandpa’s in town

Grandpa came to see Luna’s dance recital and will be with us through Father’s Day. Tonight, we decided to go to Santa Monica to enjoy the beach and went to one of or favorite outdoor dining restaurants. It was a perfect evening after it cooled off a bit. It was in the mid 80’s in L.A. today, which is hot for us. All the tourist seemed to Read more »

1st Dance Recital

This weekend was a big deal in our house! Luna had her first ballet recital on Saturday and it was AMAZING! She wasn’t scared and was the star dancer, remembering all the steps, smiling, and even coming back onto the stage after all of the performances and placing herself right in front to wave at everyone. Needless to say…mom and dad Read more »

Birthday party x’s 2

This weekend was a fun filled with two birthday parties for two of Luna’s friends who turned 5 years old. The first one on Saturday was at an indoor play area with amazing slides, a zip line, and various bounce houses. The second one on Sunday was a Moana themed party at the birthday girl’s house. Last night Luna said to us before Read more »

The struggle…it’s real!

Does anyone else feel like their laundry pile breeds in the night while their sleeping? Please don’t judge me if I ask my family to start wearing their clothing inside out! Read more »

Yosemite annual trip 2019

We had to cut our trip a little short this year, due to Luna catching a virus. Our quality time with our dear friends at our favorite place was amazing while it lasted. Creating this tradition for us as a family and for Luna to have now been on this trip three years in a row is so amazing! Hiking, checking out the amazing waterfalls, cooking Read more »

Life with an aging fur baby

The last couple of weeks have been hard for us. Our 13 year old Yorkie started having back problems in Nov. 2018 and has been progressive getting worse. She isn’t able to walk well at all and we’ve been trying all sorts of things to help her. Last week she started physical therapy combined with acupuncture, which seems to be Read more »

Hike to the top

Today was a beautiful day, so we decided to go have a picnic and a hike with friends. The kiddos made it all the way to the top and as soon as they got home it was nap time. Read more »

Why are you stopping?

Swanky loves to lay right next to us and especially loves a good massage. She is staring to have back problems due to her age, so she gets extra special care. Julio stopped for a minute and this was the look she threw his way! Read more »

Date night on the town

A very dear friend of Julio’s from his days of living in San Francisco threw a big birthday bash for his wife, so we got all dressed up and had a night out kid free. There was a large selections of yummy appetizers, open bar, and s dance floor. We both love to dance and haven’t been out as a couple to dance in a long time, so we tore it up! Read more »

Play ball!

Today was the second t-ball practice before the first game on Sunday. Turns out that Julio is a good head coach and I’m not too bad as an assistant! It was great to see the kids progress in one week and the amount of practice some of them must be putting in at home. Some swing the bats like wild animals until they hit the ball, then some Read more »

Cousin love!

Luna has a cousin named Diego, who lives in Houston. We recently went to visit him and these two would just race around the house in the various vehicles inside. Diego absolutely adores Luna and wants to hug her all the time. Luna would ask us at bedtime why he wanted to hug her so much. So cute! Read more »

Meal Time Challenges

At an early age, our daughter would try and eat anything. Her favorite food as a baby was puréed peas. Now at 4.5 years old, she struggles to eat anything other than pasta, bread, all carbs. It becomes a daily ritual to find ways to hide the veggies in her food or negotiate having 3-5 bites of her vegetables in order to do something specific. Read more »

Legoland Monday

One Christmas gift from Santa last year was Legoland passes, so we decided to go on Sunday to Carlsband and spend Monday at the park. It was the one day of no rain and it was beautiful! We arrived before the park opened and were first in line for the safari ride. Somehow we powered through and managed to do all of the rides. Lunas’s least Read more »

Lunch time

We decided to take a little road trip down to San Diego, so we stopped in Huntington Beach to visit family. Luna wanted to go to lunch with her favorite Uncle Kyle. These two just laugh and have a great time when they see each other! Read more »

Gear ready!

T-ball season kicks off this week with Luna’s first practice on Thursday and first game on Sunday. The team is the Angeles, so Luna improvised by finding a pink & purple mitt to go with the red. Took her to play at the park and to practice hitting the ball. She hits the ball really well, then wants to run and chase it. It should be an Read more »

Map fun!

Our daughter’s pre-school is learning about all of the states and Michelle was asked to speak to the kids about Kansas. We decided to have the kids do a project and got them all sunflower pins. As you can tell from this photo, pens were a big hit! Read more »


Some evenings we head to our local beach for a walk and to watch the sunset. Luna’s always mystified as to how the sun hides behind the ocean. Read more »

Marie Kondo Inspiration

Watched the first episode, which quickly lead to the eighth one of Tidy Up. We like to keep our home organized, but the folding method Marie uses is brilliant. Michelle started with Luna’s room and within a week our entire home was complete! It’s so easy to keep up with and for Luna to pick out her clothes and not feel frustrated, because Read more »

Farmer’s Market

Every week after school we go to our local Farmer’s Market. Current must have are the Asian pears, which is where Luna was headed! It’s so much fun to sample all the seasonal fruits and then run into friends and sample together. For a bonus, we purchased a small peach pie made by a local bakery and it was yummmmmo! Read more »

A little ice skating for the girls

When Michelle was little, she would go roller skating a lot. Eventually, she joined a speed skating team and would compete on the weekends. Luna started asking about going ice skating after watching an episode of Daniel Tiger. This weekend Michelle & Luna went to the LA King’s rink for a little girl time on the ice rink. Luna wanted Read more »

Presidents Day - Play Date

We love our pre-school community and all the fun we have! Over the last two years, we’ve developed friendships with the parents and the kids have friends, who may be for life. Today we were invited to a friends house for a morning play date, where the girls dressed up, painted, had snacks together, and played with the younger siblings. Us Read more »

Saturday family fun

It was the first day we’ve seen the sun here in LA for what seems like weeks, so we headed to the LA Zoo to soak it all in. Typically, we go there a few times a year and make a day off it and always have a blast. New exhibits were added since our last visit. They have a small alligator pond near the front entrance, so we could see one small Read more »


At this age, a four year old seems to grow a half size every three months, so we had to go buy new shoes. Luna prefers to try them on and pick them out herself. While in the store she asked me where the baby shoes were and wanted to go check them out. I captured this moment of her comparing a baby shoe to her shoe! She told me that when our Read more »

Luna’s 4th birthday - San Francisco

For every birthday leading up to the 4th, Luna has wanted a party at home with all of her friends, bounce house fun, arts & crafts, etc. This year her request was to go visit her Godfather in San Francisco. We planned a party ahead of time inviting friends in the Bay Area to the house party there. Off we went to San Francisco for the seven Read more »

Elementary school

This week we enrolled Luna into transitional kindergarden. I was a fun filled week including the school tour, family bingo fun night & dinner at the school, and Luna getting to experience her new school for the first time. Going to the “big kid” school is so exciting, carrying a back pack to hang on the outdoor rack outside the Read more »

It’s Raining…It’s Pouring!

Winter in Los Angeles consists of heavy rain for a few days straight, then a break for a week, and it rains again. Today Michelle took Luna to the Children’s Science Museum to get out of the house and have some fun. It was the simple things of understanding how clouds look and feel up close, to manually controlling a jet controller. Walking Read more »

Our Journey Jan. 2019

After a what seems like a year of going through the process to adopt, we finally got our approved Home Study back this week! It’s a major mile stone and we are so excited for what lies ahead. A dear friend of ours is pregnant with her third son and is preparing for his arrival in a few weeks. Luna has been asking more about the baby and Read more »

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Michelle & Julio ~Waiting for a lil’ one to help build sand castles~❤️619-880-7275

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Michelle & Julio ~Waiting for a lil’ one to help build sand castles~❤️619-880-7275