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John & Kelly
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Life is an adventure! We're hoping to grow our family and raise our children in laughter and love.

We're hoping to welcome another child into our family! We are an active family who loves sports, camping, and anything outdoors.

We are looking to expand our family!! We both come from families with multiple children so providing an environment where children, as siblings, have the opportunity to build a lifetime bond of love, family, and friendship is important to us.

We love parenting! It is the greatest responsibility given...... Seeing the "lightbulb go on" is the most amazing experience as a parent. From coaching soccer, providing fascinating experiences, to learning to read, we strive to provide the children in our family opportunities for "turning on as many lightbulbs as possible".

We are looking forward to connecting with you!!

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Who We Are

We got married in 2008 in Las Vegas! No, not by Elvis, but at a place called Red Rocks Canyon- It was beautiful! (see photo)

Jump to 2012, we were blessed with our son! After so many doctors, tears, and surgeries, he was here. He is a fun-loving, adventurous kid who is hoping to have a sibling(s).

Jump to 2018, we have tried for a few years to grow our family but have not been successful. We are hopeful that adoption will be the path that grows our family.

Adoption Diary

Holidays Coming Up

This time of year is beautiful in so many ways! First, the lights. We love driving around and looking at the creative ways people decorate for the holidays. Compared to our neighbors, we may go a bit overboard. It’s like we keep finding lights in boxes so we plug them up and throw them in a bush outside or wrap them around a window. It will be a lot of work to take back down but we think it’s worth it….or maybe we’ll be those people with lights up year-round.

Also, last year we started a tradition of sorting through our things a few weeks before Christmas in order to donate them. This has really helped our 6-year old process what it means to be thankful and humble. He thinks of it as sharing! Even though we spoil him, we want to make sure he grows up knowing how to give and appreciate the ability to do so.

We got a bit emotional hanging the stockings because last year we had talked about adding another. Though we’re thankful for what we do have, it is still hard to have a dream of something that you really have no control over.

We’re also busy planning family gatherings for the holidays. Funny how the planning is more about food than anything else :) But we’re looking forward to spending time with family….and eating the food.

Will it work?

So we signed up despite our skepticism. You do as much research as you can and then jump in with blind faith. I guess that’s what it’s like for us as well as the birth moms out there.
There isn’t a lot of guidance out there when you look into adopting. You either have to fork over a lot of money up front or go through the state which is a maze to navigate with no real answers.

But we decided to give this route a few months to see what happens.

I’m assuming a birth mom somewhere will read this, or I hope she does. I can’t imagine the emotions you may be going through. I want to say it’ll be ok because somehow life works out…maybe just now they way we planned. I know we didn’t plan on adopting. We thought we’d have 3 babies by now. But apparently that’s not our plan. So here we are putting our desire to grow our family in someone else’s hands. And I guess you’re also considering putting your life plans in another’s hands as well.
If we end up connecting my instinct will be to tell you how incredible motherhood is….because it is if that’s what you want. So on the flip side if it’s not what you want maybe opinions on motherhood is not what you’re looking for. So I’ll just say that I hope this site is the path we’re ALL meant to be on in order to come together and find what we’re looking for.

*done rambling for now*

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


John & Kelly

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John & Kelly