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Our Story

We met in 2005 when we were both studying music in San Francisco. Joseph conducted the student orchestra in a concert which Jimmy attended and we met at a party afterward.
We’ve been together ever since. We lived in San Francisco together for nearly a decade before moving to Berkeley in 2013.

We are homebodies and value our quiet time as a family. On a free day Joseph can be found reading in a hammock while Jimmy gardens. Joseph will walk the dogs and then play the piano, while Jimmy starts to prepare a home-cooked meal. After dinner everybody snuggles onto the couch to watch a documentary or classic movie.

We love to spend time with our niece, Billie (1) and our nephew Everett (3). Joseph shares his love of music with them by playing songs on the piano and leading sing-alongs. Jimmy loves to lead adventure walks with the kids and the dogs—everyone heads outside to name the plants and trees as we caravan to the neighborhood park.

We are animal lovers and share our home with two cats and two white German Shepherds who love children and will be wonderful playmates to our child. Wilberforce is regal and smart! His brother, Buddy, is goofy and loves his tummy rubbed.

Each of us has always dreamed of being a father. We can’t wait to nurture a child. To us that means supporting a child’s interests and helping to turn them into lifelong passions. We believe in family dinners at the table and that art and music can be gateways to a bright education and creative careers.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our ivy-covered home is nestled in the Berkeley Hills, tucked away from the street with outdoor garden space to create and play and indoor space to host grandparents, cousins, and play dates.

We live across the street from an elementary school with sweeping views of the entire San Francisco Bay -- within walking distance to many wonderful organic markets, cafes, as well as a large Regional Park with its many hiking trails and children’s educational farm. We hope to share our love of the arts by taking our child to live theatre and concerts. Our child will grow up at the opera house, surrounded by art and music.

About Joseph

adoptive family photo - Joseph INTRODUCING JOSEPH (by Jimmy)

Joseph is very funny, genuine and wholly himself. He moves through life with a confidence and ease that is rare. He is loyal to those close to him and dedicated to his passion for music. He is the love of my life and I am lucky to have found him.

Joseph was an only child born and raised in NYC from an Italian family on his father’s side and a British mother. His father has passed. Joseph’s mother lives in England. We try to visit her often. We get cozy and watch British mysteries with her in the evening after we’ve spent the day walking around London exploring the museums.

Joseph started playing the piano when he was 7 and was singing and playing Mozart operas by the time he was 12. He attended college in New Hampshire, studying music history and theory. After working in NYC, he moved to San Francisco to earn his Master’s degree in conducting. He currently holds the title of music director at an opera company in addition to being on the music staff of another large company.

Joseph has played tennis his whole life and hopes to share the love of his favorite sport with his child. He speaks excellent French, having studied since he was young. Like any good New Yorker, Joseph loves a slice of pizza and is a big fan of Indian curry.

About Jimmy

adoptive family photo - Jimmy INTRODUCING JIMMY (by Joseph)

Jimmy is the happiest, kindest, gentlest person I've ever known. He is an angel, and our years together have been the happiest of my life. He is a deeply caring person whose humanity and sweetness are infectious. He has demonstrated to me that the best times of your life can come at any moment.

Jimmy is from outside of Los Angeles. He attended music school at a Conservatory in San Francisco and worked as a performer before switching gears to production. He now works as a director and stage manager in opera. He loves to cook and host dinner parties for family and friends. He looks forward to teaching his future child how to cook and bake pies, just like his grandmother taught him.

Jimmy’s sister lives close by and his brother is a few hours away. His mother and step-father live in Georgia, and they often visit. Jimmy’s mother is a teacher and she is the best grandmother to her niece and nephew—she especially loves to help teach her grandchildren how to read.

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Jimmy & Joseph

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