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Dawn and Ted


Dawn and Ted
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Hoping to start the greatest adventure of our lives!

Dear expectant mom,
We are excited about the opportunity to share our lives with a child and are so glad you are interested in our story. More importantly, we pray that as you explore your options, you find a deep sense of peace with whatever decision you make for you and your baby. We have faith that God brings people together on purpose, and trust that we are all an important part of this great unfolding journey.

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Who We Are

Ted and I met through an online dating website. After exchanging emails and phone calls, we met for the first time at a local diner. We immediately hit it off and before we knew, it was 2am and we couldn’t wait to spend more time with each other! We spent every day of our first weekend together and our relationship developed quickly. We were married less then a year after we first connected!

We've been together for fifteen years now. Our strongest anchors are our faith and our love for each other. We look forward to sharing our love, laughter and passions with a special child.

Our favorite place to be together is in nature. Ted and I love to be outdoors, and have enjoyed day hiking throughout our dating and marriage. Sometimes we like to cover mileage or elevation, but we more often keep a moderate pace with time to rest and “smell the flowers” along the way. We look forward to doing lots of day hikes with a child and an occasional campout whether in the woods or in our backyard :)
Both of us love taking photos and any child in our home would have lots of great visual memories to look back on as they grow up.

Dawn’s mom, recently widowed, is retired in a quiet town in eastern PA. They look forward to being grandparents for the first time and spoiling a new baby with cuddles and hugs!

Dawn’s older brother lives nearby with his girlfriend, and they are excited to see us fulfill our heart's desire to add a child to our family.

Dawn has extended family in PA, NYC, CT and New York, including several young cousins and a baby cousin in the Boston area.

Ted’s parents live close by in New Jersey and both of them dearly love their four grandchildren. They are ecstatic about becoming grandparents to a new child.

Ted’s middle brother lives in New York with his wife, son and daughter. It's always a happy reunion when they come down for holidays and when we travel up north for visits.

Ted’s youngest brother, wife and young twin boys also live close by. We are amazed as we watch our nephews growing up and we love spending time with them. They look forward to having young cousin with whom they can share their childhood secrets!

Adoption Diary

Family weekend

Ted and I drove to mom’s house this weekend to share her birthday gift with her. My brother and I and our significant others treated her to a performance at the Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster. We all enjoyed it but I think mom and I had the best time - the stage, the amazing effects, the live animals and the great story - made for a great production.  The only photo I got was of Ted and mom - freezing outside before we entered the theater :)

Autumn Display

Dawn is a collector of model horses, and is fond of displaying them in a creative way.  Here is an example from her fall craftiness :)

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Dawn and Ted

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Dawn and Ted