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Our Story

A little about us... we met 20 years ago through a friend , I had gone to a wedding with him just as friends, and later that night we met up with other people to go out in the city and we picked up Anthony on the way. By the end of that night anthony and I had become inseparable. We became best friends and 20 years later we still are.

Our life together - Long story short... when I met anthony he had a 3.5 year old daughter Rhiannon. He told me about her right away and I couldnt wait to get to know her.. trying to bond with a 3.5 year old was challenging at times but we became so close and she is now 24 and she is like my best friend. We are so close and its the most amazing feeling to have her In my life.

16 years ago Anthony’s ex-wife had a daughter with another man who decided not to be around for his daughter and Anthony stepped up and took on this role.. we had accepted this child into our home and love her more than anything.
Gia is now 16 and is as big a part of our family as Rhiannon

This is the type of home we have and the type of couple we are.. and we cannot wait to add a baby into our home and love this child as much as we possibly can.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have a great end unit town house with a yard and pool in Staten Island. We have lived in this house for over 15 years.

We live in a great neighborhood and we are very close with our neighbors. We watch over each other and its a great community.

We are close to NYC and the Jersey shore so there is tons to do all the time.

About Bonnie

adoptive family photo - Bonnie I know there is a lot to read with all these profiles so will try to make this easier for both of us :)

* I am very ambitious and have an amazing executive job working in NYC in a showroom with costume jewelry.

* I love to travel and thankfully my job requires some travel so I have been to some amazing places like China, India, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, London, Paris and a few other places

* I like to think I am athletic and I do challenge races like 5ks and obstacle course racing (not sure how good I actually am lol)

* I love my family and have a brother and sister and we are all very close

* I have 2 step daughters whom I love beyond words

* I am an animal lover and we have a 8 year old boxer who is our baby

* there is nothing in this world I want more than adopting a baby.

About Anthony

adoptive family photo - Anthony Anthony is the most amazing father. To watch him with the girls sometimes makes me speechless.. he is so caring and puts them first every time. I know once we adopt he will love this child endlessly.
- Bonnie

* I have 2 daughters, Rhiannon 24 and Gia 16 years old who are my world

* I work for the city of NY

* totally into sports, football , baseball and Nascar

* a car guy all the way - I have a 1970 GTO

* such a dog person (especially boxers)

* love the outdoors, send me to the woods anytime.. taught both my daughters how to fish and they loved it.

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Anthony & Bonnie

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Anthony & Bonnie