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HI!! I grew up in Washington, DC, live in New York City and travel often back and and forth. I have a house in DC and see my parents and friends in Washington every other week. I work in a really fun sports job and often attend sports events with famous and popular athletes . What I value the most however, is spending time with friends and family. My friends are my extended family. I'm godmother to 7 kids and surrogate godmother to many more. I love life and can't wait to pour my energies into raising a child.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home Hi! Below is a pic of one of my homes. The baby will grow up in a nice house with his/her room but a house filled with love. We will homes in New York City and Washington, DC. My parents also have a lovely vacation home where my family has so many great memories.

About Tate

My soul is looking for completion. I've always wanted children -- ALWAYS. I find it so frustrating to be without what I know will be the absolute love of my life. I have an abundance of love to give. You will know that your child is well cared for and I hope you will choose to stay in his/her life. We will come to visit you and have as much interaction as you would like. Let's talk. Please. I am waiting.

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