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Jen and Rich


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Our Story

We met four years ago on a blind date. The first date was memorable. Richie walked up to my door with flowers in his hand like a gentleman. I was drawn to his good old fashion values and beautiful blue eyes. On our second date we both realized how much we had in common. Both coming from catholic/Christian families, we put god first in our lives. About a year later, we walked into an animal shelter. We knew then we wanted to expand our family and share our love, so we rescued our dog Ralphie. It felt really good and rewarding having someone to care for. Shortly after that we got engaged and three months later we were married.

Our Home

New York is a wonderful place to live. Although much of our time is spent enjoying our immediate area, The city is just a short ride away. As the city is one of the largest in the world you can only imagine how much there is to see and do.

New York climate brings the four seasons and with each passing season we find plenty to do. Winter is fun because we can act like kids... taking walks in the snow with Ralphie is a blast. Spring is awesome as we wait for the first flower bud to pop up through the ground.. summer of course is great too.. we spend most of our free time outdoors, whether it's here at home, or by my parents house with their pool, at a local park, or the many beaches we have just around the corner. Once we let go of summer and the leaves begin to change, we usually take a weekend road trip to explore someplace new to us. Apple and pumpkin picking and hay rides are a great way to spend a fall day.

About Jen

Jennifer is one who is loving and supportive under any circumstance. She is a blessing in my life who has never wavered from diversity or life challenges. The most admirable traits I love about her are her very caring ways and eagerness to help others. She is aunt Jenny to every child she knows. She prays that one dad she will be mom and aunt Jenny. Jen has a magnetic aura that drawers people to her which helps bring me out of my own shell. It is important to raise someone to function well even when your not present. We are ready emotionally, physically, and financially to adopt a healthy infant of either gender. We are open to and open adoption. We have a lot of love to give. Our friends and family will love and support this child as well

About Richie

Richie has so many wonders characteristics. At the top of my list is his easy going ways, kind warm heart, extreme reliable nature and willingness to give a helping hand. He loves playing and walking our dog Ralphie. A favorite past time is enjoying watching the local sports games in our community and he hopes and prays that one day it will be our child he is watching and cheering on. Ralphie and I are blessed to have Richie in our life, he is a loving and devoted husband and doggie daddy!! Any child will be blessed to call him dad.

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Jen and Rich

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Jen and Rich