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Aki & Eric
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We promise that we will give your child financial, emotional, and social support so that they can have a joyful life.

Hello. We are Aki and Eric from Indianapolis, Indiana.

We promise that we will give your child all of the financial, emotional, and social support needed to be happy and successful in life. We desire nothing more than for the child we raise to have a joyous life, to find pleasure and satisfaction in whatever he or she undertakes, and to enjoy close and meaningful relationships with others. As an international, intercultural, and interlingual family (Japanese and English) it is our hope that the child we parent will have access to both of these contexts.

We understand that life is a gift that only you can give and so we will always treasure that gift through fostering an open and healthy relationship with you. Your child will always know who you are and will know of the precious gift of life that you gave. We look forward to learning about your hopes and dreams, and walking this journey with you. Please reach out to us at anytime!

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Who We Are

We first met in the summer of 1999 while Eric was studying abroad in Japan. We immediately hit it off and spent many years keeping in touch as friends. The nature of our relationship changed in 2004 when we both realized that we had developed romantic feelings for one another. We were married in April, 2005 and have been almost inseparable since then.

During the first years of our marriage we lived in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi where we both attended the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. As an international couple with different cultural backgrounds, we both truly enjoyed our lives in the diverse cultural environments of Hawaiʻi. It was at this time that we also began our journey to become parents.

Our journey to parenthood has at times been difficult, but our love for one another has kept us strong and we remain true to our desire to welcome a child into our family. We both have a lot of love to give and so we continue our journey as two hopeful parents.

Adoption Diary

Walk in Naptown

Today we took a walk in one of Naptown’s many parks—White River. Indianapolis is often referred to as “Naptown.” Best guess is that this comes from IndiaNAPolis, but I like to think that Indy is also a “nappy” kind of town. A place that is kind of sleepy, where not much goes on. Indy for us is a city where we can find green spaces and nice people all over. It’s a city built for raising kids. We can’t wait for walks with our child on warm early spring nights.

We never expected to live in Naptown, but it’s a place that has grown on us!

The comfort of friends

Randomly, friends who we have known since our graduate school days in Hawaii also live in Indiana. They don’t live close, but Aki teaches every spring at a nearby college, so we have chances to meet up. Their second child was born last August and this was our second time to meet him. He’s such a cute boy! Our friends are excited to know that we may soon have a playmate for him!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Aki & Eric

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