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Vladimir and Katie


About Us

Our Story

We met in 1998 at a friend’s birthday party at Vladimir’s parents’ house and immediately became great friends. We spent time together buying records, going to Venice Beach and going dancing. We have been together since 2000 and it’s been wonderful! We got married in 2006 in Palm Springs, California at The Tennis Club in an intimate setting with family and our closest friends. It was beautiful!

We feel that our friendship created a solid foundation for our marriage. We truly enjoy spending time together, balance each other out, laugh together A LOT but have also cried ourselves to sleep. Our lives are nearly perfect and we can’t wait to open our hearts and home to another soul! We have so much love to give!!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Vladimir and I live together with our two loving Rat Terriers, Toby & Timo in a warm and welcoming three bedroom house in Long Beach, California. We have been in the house for five years and have done a lot of renovations. Most of our furniture has been hand made by Vladimir! We have two family rooms, a music room, two bathrooms and a bright and spacious spare bedroom perfect for sleeping and playtime.
We have a lovely outside patio with a cozy backyard lined with lilies, roses and a lemon tree. Our yard backs up to a small school and church that has a fundraising carnival every year. Our street has beautiful, large shady trees and a small park around the corner called Birdcage Park surrounded
by beautiful Jacaranda trees!
Long Beach has one of the best and biggest park and
recreation systems in the U.S. and we plan to take full advantage of what our city has to offer. Walking through Heartwell Park in the evenings and on the weekends, dog parks, music in the park and movies on the beach during the summer. There is a large boat that is considered public transportation that we often take to the Aquarium. It is so much fun!

About Vladimir

I was raised in Bulgaria for half my life and moved to the U.S. in 1991 with my father, mother and older brother. My parents live about a mile from Katie and me. My brother, his wife and three beautiful daughters live about forty minutes from us. We are all extremely close and spend a lot of time together. My extended family all live in Bulgaria. We have been back to visit many times and hope to continue in the future.

My parents live less than a mile away and we see them regularly along with My brother and sister-in- law, Lubo and Jennifer, and their three little girls. My mom is still working although she is a year or two away from retiring while his father is already enjoying retired life.

About Katie

adoptive family photo - Katie I was raised in the Lake Arrowhead Mountains by my amazing parents. My parents don’t live nearby like Vladimir’s parents but we are very close and talk on the phone frequently. I see them as much as I can.
I have one brother, a step brother and a step sister. We celebrate holidays together and do our best to see eachother often. I have extended family in Tennessee, Australia and Belgium. I love working with the elderly population and am grateful to work close to home.

My mom spend most of her time in Palm Springs where she teaches English. She also spend time in Lake Arrowhead and at the beach house in Baja, Mexico.

My father has recently passed away and I miss him very much. He would have loved to be a grandfather.

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Vladimir and Katie

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Vladimir and Katie