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About Me

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My Story

I work. I travel. I have gone back to school and have run businesses. But nothing is more important to me than being a mom. I plan my career and all other priorities around what’s best for my family. I am at every school activity. I am always available to help with homework. I prepare meals so that we can eat dinner together at home every evening. I have been a single mother for the past ten years, and it has been an amazing experience.

I know I am not the typical adoptive parent. I am a single woman who is growing my family as a single mom by choice. Like many women, I struggled with fertility issues and miscarriages, so I know that having a child myself would be a challenge. I have always wanted to have more children, and adoption just feels right for my family.

We have great family vacations and other cool traditions, but I believe memories are created in real-time through all the everyday interactions like cleaning up the kitchen while you dance to your favorite song or making “snow castles” in the backyard because your mom is from Florida and she understands sand castles better than snowmen. (LOL)

I know every parenting situation is different, and every single parent situation is different. I want you to understand that your child would be in a home that is financially stable with a loving and committed mother.

When my daughter was little, I would sing “What a Wonderful World” to her each night as I rocked her to sleep. I always wanted her to remember that life is good and to always see the possibilities. I can’t wait to sing this song to your baby. Your child will truly see life’s possibilities through my example of what you can accomplish through hard work, faith and commitment. I am so abundantly blessed. I want to share our blessings with your child.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home I built my home over ten years ago when Kennedy was just a year old. I wanted her to grow up in a stable family-oriented environment. We live a two-story three-bedroom home in one of the most progressive areas of the country. We live in a very diverse community that is zoned for one of the best school districts in North Texas. Living in a culturally diverse area was definitely a priority for me. Children learn and understand others by interacting with people who are different from them. The families in our neighborhood make up a broad range of different racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Your child will learn about his or her heritage, and will be taught to appreciate different cultures as. He or she will go to great school and live in a community that has safe place to ride bikes, parks to play in and a variety of sports fields.


Starting with Halloween, Kennedy and I traditionally both dress up and enjoy the neighborhood activities.

Thanksgiving is spent with family. Most years our families travel to one location so we can spend the holiday together. But regardless of schedules and travel plans, Kennedy and I always spend Thanksgiving with my mom.

Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year. We decorate the entire house inside and out. We attend holiday events like Christmas parades, program at church and school holiday concerts. On Christmas Eve we usually go to church, have family game night and at midnight open one gift. Christmas day is full of food, family, and gifts. It’s a relaxing time as a family.

About Joy

adoptive family photo - Joy I have a daughter named Kennedy who is thirteen. As a mother, I believe in creating an environment that encourages children to explore their talents and interests. I strongly believe in the importance of a great education and will provide many opportunities for your child to learn, be active, and discover new things! Education including college is a priority. I also believe in creating experiences that expand their knowledge and understanding of the world. Your child will travel, participate in activities such as sports and music, and will receive the support needed to prepare for and complete college.

My Faith

I am a faithful Christian. We attend church services regularly and also study together at home. In the past, I have taught in the children’s ministry. God has truly blessed my family. I am approaching this adoption journey just as I approach all things in my life with prayers for guidance and direction. I know that through love, patience, and prayer He will guide us to the best possible situation for your child.

Job: I have worked in my industry for over 15 years. I manage the product management team for a global financial services company. My job allows me to have lots of flexibility including the ability to work from home.

Education: I have a bachelor’s in Marketing, a master’s in Public Health, and am planning to pursue my doctorate in Health Education and Promotion.

Community Service: I am passionate about helping others, particularly children. In the past, I ran a non-profit that was dedicated to addressing children’s health issues through nutrition. We launched school garden programs and offered health coaching to parents. Long term, I hope to support other programs and research that improve the lives of others.

Favorite Vacation Spot: New York City or the Caribbean (I love the beach and Caribbean food!)

Other Favorites: I am a huge sports fan! I follow both football and basketball. I also enjoy live theater and live music.

About My Famiily

adoptive family photo - My Famiily I am from Florida. I grew up in a very loving home with my parents and my younger sister. Growing up family time was always special to me. I have so many wonderful childhood memories… summer vacations, holiday traditions, birthday celebrations, Sunday dinners, cookouts, etc. I continue these traditions with my daughter and look forward to sharing them with your child.

Your baby will grow up, just as I did, surrounded by people who love and constantly encourage him or her. For me, my childhood had a profound impact on my own parenting style and has been foundational in my personal successes. I hope to pass these blessings to the next generation.

About Kennedy

Kennedy is excited about becoming a big sister. She is a sweet and loving child and looks forward to sharing her love with your child. Kennedy is an A student who enjoys playing her cello, swimming, playing video games, reading and spending time with her family and friends. It has always been very important to me that she is a compassionate person who uses her gifts to make the world a better place. My once very curious and happy toddler has become a hard-working, caring, intelligent, humble teen. I hope to share these same values, experiences and life goals with your child.

Our Extended Family

Our family is very close. My mother moved to Texas after my daughter was born to “watch her first grandbaby grow-up”. Four years later my sister and brother-in-law welcome my nephew, Mason. The kids call her “GG” and GG is close to both my daughter and nephew. She continues to be such a blessing to our family. So in addition, to an older sister, your child would have a very loving and engaged grandmother who lives nearby and an aunt, uncle, and cousin who would also be very active in his or her life.

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