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Hello I Am Sam


Hello I Am Sam
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I am here for YOU. Let's do this together.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me. I can only hope of becoming a mom someday. I am in a wonderful position to provide your child endless love, a safe, happy home surrounded by family and friends, a life of full of wonderful opportunities and emotional, spiritual and financial security. I would love to hear about the dreams you have for yourself and your child. We may come from two different places but we both want the best of everything this world can give your baby. We can do this together. Me and You.

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Who I Am

Becoming a mother someday is all I can dream about. I have always had the tremendous support of family and friends no matter what path I chose for myself. With their love and support, I was able to excel in school and follow my passion. My passion is children. Because of my natural love for children I chose to become a pediatrician. As a doctor in pediatrics, I have been able to dedicate my heart in caring for and watching children grow into happy and healthy adults. And even with all my professional success, there is nothing I long for more than to be a mom. The same heart that I have dedicated for years into helping children is missing a piece for a child to call my own. Adoption is my only hope in making my heart whole. It would be a an honor to dedicate my life and share all that I have worked so hard for with a child.

Adoption Diary


I was sitting having my morning coffee Sunday on the sands of the ocean and I started to think about all that adoption actually means.  Adoption is such a special word and can mean different things to so many.  For some it is the best way to provide for their child due to unforeseen circumstances.  For some it is a way to legalize a family member who is in need of a permanent home.  For some it is the way to bring a legally freed child from foster care into their “forever home”.  And for others such as myself, it is a way to create their family.  Adoption touches so many.  As I go through this journey, I am so humbled at all of the love that goes with the word “Adoption”.

Visit to Fire Island (Davis Park) off of Long Island

Spending a few days on Fire Island was so peaceful and fun.  The ocean was so beautiful and the sunsets were magical.  My friend and adoption consultant Denise even stopped by with her 2 adoption daughters.  I can not wait to bring my baby/child to the Fire Island house and have wonderful experiences on the South Shore of this beautiful Island.  More pictures in my album.  Take a look.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

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Hello I Am Sam

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Hello I Am Sam