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Our Story

Stan was born in South Africa and Nina in Canada. We both have family ties to the UK and we both ended up in London. That's where we met!
Stan lived across the street from where Nina worked. From the start, we were inseparable! That was 11 years ago. We got married in a London themed wedding 5 years ago.
We have what we consider to be a great relationship, we understand each other and we genuinely like to spend time together and we make each other laugh (a lot!!).
While in London Nina had a career as a corporate marketer and Stan working as a nurse while studying to become a doctor.
Through a few turns he discovered a passion for technology and left medicine to become a Software Engineer.
We moved to the US three years ago for Stan’s job. He loves his new career. It’s the perfect fit and allows us to spend much more time together.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in an urban area, it’s a larger suburb. There is a lot to do in the area and the city really make an effort to keep children of all ages busy, with classes, parks (including a skate park) and loads of extra-curricular activities. The school district is very good too.
We don’t have much of a backyard but we do have a park with slide and swings just outside our front door. We also have a pool in our community that we love using! There are plenty of children in our neighborhood too, that are always outside playing.
Our home is relaxed and comfortable. Nina has a well-appointed kitchen and she loves to cook and bake!
Our home is perfect to accommodate a new addition and we can’t wait to start a family!

About NINA- by Stan

adoptive family photo - NINA- by Stan Nina is one of the kindest and most genuine people I know. She is friendly and easy to approach. After spending a few minutes with her, you soon feel like you have known her forever. She will have you laughing and having fun in no time.

The qualities that attracted me to Nina are how intelligent, thoughtful and methodical she is. She picks up on the little things that make a difference and has great attention to detail.

Nina does well to keep a strong social network. She has friends and family around the world that she is in regular contact with. She also is in close contact with her mom & dad in the UK and her twin sister. Since moving to the US Nina has made a strong network of friends here. She has worked hard to ensure that we and other women in our area, in a similar situation, have a good support network of friends. I am so proud of her for her efforts.

Nina loves children, she is supportive and understanding. She listens. I know she is very excited about becoming a stay at home mom.

About STAN - by Nina

adoptive family photo - STAN - by Nina ABOUT STAN by Nina
One of the things I admire most about Stan is his AMBITION. He is driven and has so much determination to excel in his work. I am in awe of his ability to teach himself new things, such as coding. He is very logical and intelligent.
Stan also has a big heart. Family is very important to him. He is always thinking of me and our future family’s well-being, as well as that of his siblings, my family and our friends. He was very close to his paternal grandfather who taught him many things. Together they would build replica trains, go camping and work in his metal shop together. I know Stan sees his grandfather as the type of dad he would like to be. He cant wait to pass on the experiences his grandfather gave him.
Stan is also very funny and good natured. We are always having fun (even when we shouldn’t be). I can’t wait to see Stan do his first dad dance.

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Nina & Stan

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