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I am excited to meet both you and the baby so we can begin this journey together.

With you going through such an emotional decision, I want to give you my sincere thank you for considering me as an adoptive parent for the baby you are carrying or recently given birth to. I am so proud to know that you made or considering this choice even with the difficulties emotionally and commend you so much for your bravery and love. My name is Nichelle and my friends and family would briefly describe me as caring, loyal, intelligent, loving and funny. I have decided to adopt at this time after going through four infertility treatments cycles over the last ten years along with one failed adoption. I still believe this journey brings us another day closer to meeting. My desire to be a mother is the same as it has always been since I was a young adult and hope my prayers are answered.

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Being a mother has always been a dream of mine. The chance to love a child, provide a secure home and share my strength and perseverance would forever enrich both of our lives in immeasurable ways. My life has unfolded in sometimes, unexpected ways, with ups and downs, but always with new hope for moving forward. Each chapter has taught me lessons that I believe will make me a good mother. I am who I am today because of strong, loving, and faithful parents. I like to think that I have my father’s drive to learn. As one of the first Black students at Georgia Tech after desegregation, he stressed education and encouraged me to reach for my goals. My mother’s sense of adventure mixed with traditional values burns bright in me, as well! As an adult, I feel so fortunate to have such a close relationship with both of them and would love to see them involved in my child’s life. My parents and friends have been with me through my fertility struggles and didn’t miss a step when I expressed my desire to become a mother through the adoption.

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Special Message if you recently gave birth and undecided

If you are reading this message from the hospital or recovering from delivery, I want you to know that I am open to help you as well.  A lot of times from what I have read with other adoption stories was your decision may have come just after the birth.  If that is you, I want to be a support to you as well as you make this loving and difficult decision about the baby and both of your futures.  Please contact my agency’s listed in my profile to learn more if this applies to your situation.  I just want you to know that I am open to a recent newborn and birth mother too for this journey to motherhood.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.



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