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We'd love to get to know you!

Hi there! We recognize the tremendous courage you have in considering adoption. We don't know what the feeling is like for you while you explore this path, we are just here for you to get to know us in the hopes we might be a good fit for you and what you want for your baby :)

When we were just dating and things got serious we started to have discussions on our views for a family, which included adoption. My grandmother is adopted, and I (Ronie) have a cousin who is adopted, too, so I knew a little about it and thought it would be a great way to provide a home for someone who might not otherwise have the choice. Michael was very open to this, so we decided that adoption would be an awesome way to have a family together. We are here to provide a loving home for a child and cultivate a relationship with their biological mother, too.

We hope that we can show you who we are so you can share with us who you are. We all need love and to be loved, and we are ready to give all of our love to a child. We think it's very important for our child to know who you are as a person and for us to make that relationship available to you, as well.

Adoption is forever so being in an open adoption is important to us, either through pictures and chats or visits, whatever seems to make sense over the many years to come. If we can get to know you now we will get to learn about what you like and who you are so we can always have a piece of this memory for our child and that is very important to us.

We want our child to ALWAYS know that they are loved by us, and that they were placed with us out of a loving and caring heart.

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Who We Are

Seven years ago we met at the rock climbing gym. Michael was the co-founder of a tech startup and Ronie was just retiring from mountain bike racing and we met through a big group of friends. We spent our time climbing, hiking, snowboarding and biking and traveling.

One fall weekend we went camping in Telluride, Colorado to see a concert and found out how much we love live music together, so we started seeing tons of live music and made a lot of friends all over the country.

Two years later on a surprise trip to New York, Michael proposed at a concert during one of our favorite songs!

We have been seeing a lot of jazz and funk music since then together, dancing any chance we get. We love feeling the groove and enjoy being with so many people who are having a good time.

Michael has a great job with an app design company, and Ronie owns a health coaching business and teaches nutrition, fitness, and meditation. We have really solid jobs with great flexibility which allows for opportunities to still travel and see music and friends.

We are close to our family and friends in Chicago, California, and Boston who are all very supportive of our decision to adopt, including possibly a multiracial family. Ronie is from a mixed family with cousins who are black, and with her being Christian and Michael being Jewish, we feel we will be good at navigating life and guiding a kiddo who might be of a different race or have biological parents of a different religion or ethnicity.

We have taken parenting classes and training on working through situations as an adoptive family, so we feel well equipped when our child faces any adversity in school or out in the world. We are really open people and accepting without judgement and hope to instill those values into our child.

We celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah and are spiritual and believe in God. We pray for strength and protection for our friends and family, especially if we are ever having a hard time or fighting. We don't really fight a lot but sometimes we have a hard time just sharing space. Ronie grew up as an only child so is used to being a little messy and leaving her things around, and Michael has a brother so likes to have his own place for things and is super tidy and clean, so it creates a little bit of an issue sometimes but we try to just be respectful of each other's way of doing things.

Michael's family is very open-minded and supportive, and Ronie's best friend is her mom so she gets unconditional support and love.

We imagine spending the days with our child reading and playing and are looking forward to fun weekends at the beach and hanging out together doing family stuff like cooking and watching movies and joking around.

We love to travel and are excited to offer that to our child and travel to Europe and Australia so they (and we) can see the world!

Adoption Diary

Visit from Uncle Howie!

Last weekend we enjoyed a visit from Michael’s Uncle Howie who came in from Tucson, Arizona. We explored museums, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, went to the Chicago Cubs baseball game against the New York Mets with a great group of friends, and ate lots of good food! Uncle Howie is very loving and is excited to come back and visit us again :)

A beautiful day out in nature!

Today I went on a wonderful outdoor adventure. The leaves are changing and it was so beautiful. I love every season and there is something so special when the fall arrives and we get to wear sweaters and scarves. I’m hoping to bundle up our baby one day in a quilt my grandmother made for us. I’ve been saving it since first being married. Sewing was a big part of my childhood growing up. I remember one year sewing my own halloween costume even! And I made Michael some Yoga pants a few years ago :)

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ronie and Michael ❤️ Text: 917-575-9284

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Ronie and Michael ❤️ Text: 917-575-9284