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Jennifer & Darren
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Hoping to make that special connection to start our family!

Hello. We're Jennifer & Darren. We want to start by saying we admire the courage & strength you have in considering placing your child for adoption. It's a truly loving act to place a child's needs first. We are a married, NY couple that loves to giggle together, experience life, celebrate all that is celebrate-able, and also enjoys the simple things with a loving extended family (local and near Disney). We are hoping to connect with an expectant mother that's considering adoption. We have alot of love to give, a stable, secure home & an extended family just waiting for us to have a little one. It maybe due to current life circumstances or not the right time in an expectant mother's life to raise a child; whatever the reason we listen NOT judge & would want to keep you in the child's life (if you choose). You would become such a special person in our life, giving the greatest gift we could receive; starting our family. It would be naive of us to say we totally understand the tough decision it is but we hope that after reviewing our profile & possibly reaching out to us, that we can bring you a bit more comfort in your decision to place your child with us. We are already certified to adopt & home study approved. We have a blue bag and a pink bag packed ready for a moment's notice. We wish you as much peace of mind and comfort as possible. Our direct number is: 631-913-5479 talk or text. Our website is www.jenanddarren.com

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You can say we met in a unique way. Darren's sister, was a student of Jennifer in the school that we went to as children ourselves. We actually sat next to each other in homeroom. 15 or so years went by, and different education paths, we lost touch. On the last day of Darren's sisters school year, she made Darren pick her up at school to meet "someone" who he knew many years ago. Since then we have been together. We are a fun loving couple, and are each other's best friend as well. We are both ready and eager to be parents! We actually take many opportunities to watch our nephews because of the enjoyment we get out of caring for them and letting them enjoy new experiences.

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Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to our fathers and all the fathers out there.  Days that are extra special during the year, like today, allow us to get excited for all the great things we’ve planned over the years for when we have a child.  I can just picture a little one swimming with Darren in the pool or taking a drive on the beach and doing a beach BBQ with the family. Last night we had tickets for a concert at Jones Beach. We got a little wet because it rained, but it was all good! A little rain and classic rock and roll never hurt anyone! Haha!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jennifer & Darren

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Jennifer & Darren