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Hello! My name is Diane and I am so thankful that you've taken the time to learn more about me.

The choice to explore adoption for your baby is incredibly loving and brave, and one that I wholeheartedly admire and respect. It speaks volumes about who you are and I hope you will get a sense of who I am, too, by reading more about me. I live a very healthy, happy, grateful life and I can't wait to share it with a child. Family has always been the most important thing in my life and I have always known I wanted to be a mother. Your child will be raised in a safe home, surrounded by love, with lots of supportive male and female influences to help him or her grow into a healthy, happy person. My family and I are so excited to welcome a new child into our lives!

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Who I Am

I was born and raised in New Jersey, in a small town only thirty minutes away from where I live now in New York City. I still have strong ties to New Jersey, as I spend a lot of my time visiting my father in the childhood home I grew up in. Some of my best friends still live in the area, as well as my sister and other family members. I'm so lucky to still have my "home away from home" and get to experience a mix of city and suburban life this way.

The most important thing in my life is my relationships with the people I care about-- and first on that list is my family. My parents, Antonio and Antonietta, were both born and raised in Italy. After they got married, they immigrated to the U.S. to start their life together. They celebrated 53 years of marriage last fall, three months before my mother passed away. Their relationship was truly a "till death do us part" kind of relationship, because nothing else could've separated them. My sister and I saw them go through life's ups and downs together, as a team, our entire lives. They instilled so many important values in us, but in particular a very traditional Italian culture of hard work, education, and love of family.

My parents taught us that nothing comes before family. They worked so hard to give us a good life, and no matter how busy they were, we ate dinner together as a family every night. Our door was always open to friends and family, and our home was a favorite for the neighborhood kids. My mom was warm, loving, and nurturing, and I'm so grateful to have had this
role model for motherhood.

I have one sibling-- my sister, Roseann, and she is one of the most important people in my life. She's my best friend and I look up to her in so many ways. She is married to a wonderful man, Matthew, who I love dearly and is truly the brother I never had. He is a loyal, honest, hardworking family man. Roseann and Matt are amazing parents to my beautiful niece and nephew, Deanna and Andrew, and I couldn't ask for better role models for my future son or daughter. I cannot imagine my life without the four of them!

My niece and nephew mean the world to me. They call me "Didi" because when my niece Deanna was a baby she mis-pronounced the italian word for aunt, "Zizi", and it stuck all of these years!

I have many wonderful extended family members and friends, too, that are a big part of my life and will be a big part of my child's life. They say it takes a village and I believe this is true- and I have a wonderful one! I consider myself truly blessed to have the friends that I do. We love and support one another through all of the ups and downs in life. They are so excited to be a part of this adoption process with me and I couldn't be more thrilled to share it with them!
We are all so excited to welcome a child into our lives!

Adoption Diary

Outdoor Fun

Loving this weather and loving the weekend with family and friends.  It’s so nice to see kids away from the tv, computers, and all other electronics, and instead come up with their own play time activities in the great outdoors.  Reminds me of my own childhood when we’d be out for hours until mom called us in for dinner. 

Cole is having a blast with a hose and a toy truck.  What’s better than this?

Birthday fun

Another wonderful family weekend, this time celebrating my birthday.  Another year older, another year wiser, and I am going into this next year with great hope for a little one to join our family!  My niece and nephew are eagerly asking questions like “will it be a girl or a boy?”, and “will they be here by Christmas?”  While I don’t have specific answers for them, their enthusiasm brings me great joy!  I love my family dearly and so appreciate how special they made my birthday :)

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