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So proud!

My amazing nephew raised money and shaved his head in support of kids with cancer - could not be more proud of him! Read more »


Our poor guy is still sick!  Hoping the antibiotics kick in soon.  He’s in pretty good spirits for having run a fever for 4 days—here’s a sick day selfie from my little goofball! Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day

James was pretty excited for St. Patrick’s Day and our annual family party, but the poor guy came down with a fever this afternoon, so we had to skip it.  As he was going to bed, he said “well, I guess it was really a happy St. Patrick’s Day after all”.  Hoping he feels better tomorrow!  Here’s a Read more »

March Madness

I am a HUGE college basketball fan and LOVE this time of year!  I can’t help but stay awake to watch all the games, so will be pretty much exhausted for the next few weeks.  This picture is from James’s first college basketball season—it’s hard to believe he was ever this little! Read more »

And now it’s snowing…

In keeping with the crazy weather we’ve had this month, it’s now snowing again.  We didn’t get to play outside, but we did have a fun day of games and playing.  My husband is currently making dinner and our house smells delicious! Read more »


Blizzard was a bust - instead we got a gross mix of snow, sleet and rain.  So now we’re stuck with inches of slush.  Such a bummer, was looking forward to our snow day. Read more »

All stocked up!

Forecasters are calling for around a foot of snow on Long Island tomorrow and we are ready—lots of food and firewood on hand.  Bring it on! Read more »

Busy weekend

Closed out a busy weekend of birthday parties and basketball games with a great visit and delicious dinner with James’s sister and her family.  After many rounds of Trouble and Uno, we finally had to call it a night! Read more »


James and I went to my nephew’s 5th grade basketball team’s playoff game today.  We walked in and a bunch of my aunts and uncles were there, along with some of my siblings’ childhood friends.  I am so grateful to be raising my son in such a wonderful community! Read more »

Snow day

Yesterday, we played in the backyard and didn’t need jackets.  Today, we have a fire going and this is the scene outside.  Crazy! Read more »


We had lunch and a play date with my best friend and her son today—I love that our boys are growing up together! Read more »


It is a gorgeous day here and I spotted these beauties in our yard this morning.  Too bad they will be covered in snow tomorrow!  March weather is crazy! Read more »

Picture Day!

James has picture day at school today and insisted on wearing a tie!  Oh how I love this child!  I cannot get over what a big boy he has become—what happened to my baby? Read more »


I could NOT fall asleep on Sunday night, so my week got off to a rough start and I’m pretty tired today.  This about sums up how I’m feeling today. Read more »


While we were away, we had the opportunity to play with dolphins and it was so much fun!  They had the kids racing the dolphins and playing catch with them—James loved it and so did I! Read more »

Ready for spring

We’re in the middle of a cold snap here in NY and I have had enough - I am ready for spring!  And as excited as I am for a little more daylight, once the clocks change, I am even more impatient for warm weather.  Bring on the flip flops! Read more »

So proud

James and I went to my niece’s Irish step dancing competition this weekend and got to see her win first place! Read more »


We spent last week on vacation with my grandfather, my parents and my sister’s family and had a great time!  It was so nice to be warm and swim and play outside all day!  Bring on the summer! Read more »

Valentine’s Day

Had such a great Valentine’s Day with my guys—James was so excited and insisted on getting his dad a box of candy, which melted my heart.  And then we went out to dinner and they had a duo playing music, so he kept insisting we get up to dance.  Love my sweet boy! Read more »


Sometimes I start to lose faith and worry that our adoption journey will come to a dead end.  Luckily, I usually get a reminder in some form another to hold on to hope.  Recently, it was this. Read more »

Saturday morning

And we’re all set up for an “epic battle” between good and evil.  I hope he never loses his imagination! Read more »

Snow day!

They say we’re getting 8-12 inches on Long Island and I actually can’t wait!  James loves the snow and so do I—bring it on! Update: such a fun day! Read more »


James is currently obsessed with Monopoly and actually has mastered the rules and his strategy pretty well - we’re impressed!  I have probably played more hours of Monopoly in the last month than I did in my entire childhood - he can’t get enough! Read more »

Train Show

Finally made it to the train show at the NY Botanical Garden—on the last day!  It was so impressive, as always.  And we followed it up with a delicious lunch on the famous Arthur Ave.  Such a great way to end the long weekend! Read more »

Lazy weekend

We were supposed to visit James’s parents this weekend, but our little guy was under the weather.  So it’s been a lazy weekend of movies and Legos and cuddling on the couch in front of the fire.  Not the worst way to spend a weekend, especially since he is feeling better today. Read more »

Cozy Sunday

Spent the day playing in the snow and then snuggling up by the fire - perfect way to spend a Sunday! Read more »

Happy New Year!

Kicked off the new year in the best way possible - with a family dinner!  2016 was a challenging year in many respects, but it blessed us with my two amazing nieces, so I can’t complain!  Here’s hoping 2017 brings us the newest member of our little family! Read more »


We are watching my niece overnight and James could not be more excited!  He doted on her all day, fed her dinner, helped with her bath and sat with her for her bedtime bottle.  This kid is going to be an amazing big brother someday! Read more »

Christmas Morning

My favorite Christmas tradition is spending Christmas morning at my grandparents’ house. Everyone shows up in their pajamas and enjoys breakfast together. The little ones are bursting with excitement over Santa’s visit and we all participate in a themed gift exchange, which always results in a lot of laughs.  Here’s a Read more »

Kris Kringle

My family does a themed Kris Kringle each year.  This year’s theme was “crazy gloves” and one of my cousins had these made for James! Read more »

Christmas show

Our little guy had his Christmas show at school today and it was great!  Nothing like 18 4-year-olds belting out Christmas carols to bring a smile to your face! Read more »

Christmas in NYC

Such a great night celebrating Christmas in NYC!  Although the quality is questionable, this is one of my favorite family selfies ever! Read more »

Off to a good start!

Spent the morning at my niece and goddaughter’s second grade Christmas play.  As usual, James sang along through the whole thing.  Not a bad start to a Monday! Read more »


We got all of 3 inches of snow yesterday, but played outside for 2 hours and even managed to build this guy! Read more »


My parents hosted their annual Christmas party last night.  Instead of just ugly sweaters, we basically had a contest to see who could come up with the most outrageous outfit.  It was hysterical! Read more »

Polar Express

Read the Polar Express with my little one tonight and got all choked up at the end.  I hope he always maintains the same sense of reverence and wonder at Christmas and will always believe in its magic! Read more »


We hosted a Christmas party last night for family and friends - we start in the afternoon so everyone can bring their kids, so we hired a magician!  He was a big hit! Read more »


We went to see the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer play in NYC today and it was amazing!  James sang along the whole time (of course) and proclaimed it the most amazing thing he’d ever seen! Read more »

Christmas spirit

James is beyond excited for Christmas.  We met Santa and Mrs. Claus yesterday and he was beside himself.  When we got home, he wanted to watch Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer with hot cocoa.  We had a fire going and the tree lit and it was just perfect! Read more »

O Christmas Tree

James has his very own tree in his room and today he decided it needed a star.  We got his star up and then had a Christmas carol dance party - literally rockin’ around the Christmas tree! Read more »

There’s an Elf in my house!

James came home from school yesterday asking when his elf was coming.  And so, last night, he appeared!  This is our first year with the Elf on the Shelf and he is so delighted by it already!  Now if I can just remember to move it every night… Read more »


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my husband’s family yesterday.  A little sad to celebrate our last holiday in his grandmother’s home, but so nice to be together.  We hope you had a happy Thansgiving too! Read more »

Exciting news!

Our newest niece was born today!  She is the 8th grandchild for my parents in 10 years.  And cute as a button, we love her so much already! Read more »

Bronx Zoo

Today was an unseasonably warm and sunny day, so we took advantage and spent the day at the Bronx Zoo.  We had a great time and took a few spins on the bug carousel! Read more »

Play dates

My little guy is now at the age of independent play dates with his friends.  I love getting to listen to he and his buddies chatting away and negotiating over what to play next.  Kids are too funny! Read more »


My husband’s grandmother passed away in August, just shy of her 97th birthday.  She was an incredible woman and we all miss her tremendously.  Since she passed, whenever we see a beautiful sunset like this one, my little guy says “Mom, look what Big YiaYia sent us!”  (My husband’s mother’s family is Read more »


I am not a morning person and the clock change had my little guy up before 6 am this morning.  It gave us time to play and read books before I left for work, so I’m not complaining! Read more »

My girls

I am lucky enough to have had the same group of girlfriends since I was a kid—through thick and thin, they have been by my side for almost my entire life.  This weekend we all managed to get together for a girls weekend away and had the best time!  I am so grateful to have such an amazing group of women in my life! Read more »

Halloween Fun

My family had a Halloween house crawl last night—one of the benefits of having a big family is that you can have 4 different courses at 4 different houses without even walking a mile! My grandparents got these crazy t-shirts as a gift a few years ago, so James and I decided to put them to use as our costumes—such a fun night! Read more »

Fresh Bread

Weekends are for bread making at our house.  James is such a great assistant to his dad—this time, he made sure to dress the part and insisted that his dad did too! Read more »


This picture was taken on Christmas morning at my grandfather’s house.  My mom is one of 10 children and I’m the oldest of 24 grandchildren on my mom’s side.  When you add in everyone on my dad’s side and all of my husband’s family, there are almost 100 people waiting to welcome our next child and to Read more »

Christening Day

We spent the day celebrating the newest member of our family, my beautiful niece who is named after my grandmother.  My Nana passed away a few years ago, but I know she was smiling down on us today—she always loved a good party, especially when it was in celebration of one of her grandchildren.  I miss her every day, and am so Read more »

Halloween decorating

Our little guy wanted to place our outdoor Halloween decorations this year, which is why they are scattered around my front lawn.  The skeleton was strategically placed by the sidewalk “in case people want to touch it”.  He cracks me up! Read more »

Apple picking

As sad as I am to see summer come to an end each year, I do love the fall.  We spent a gorgeous day enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and came home with plenty of apples for pie-making and snacking.  Not bad for a Monday! Read more »


It’s always fun to be a tourist in New York City, even though I work there.  We recently went to visit the Seaglass Carousel downtown.  Although it wasn’t quite what I had expected, it was certainly unique. Our little guy had a blast (although I must admit—I think his favorite part of the adventure was the train Read more »

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