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Carson & Kelsey

Dear Expecting Mother, Thank you for taking the time to get to know us

We can’t wait to get to know you and to travel the road of adoption with you. We hope that we can all share our dreams, our hopes, our fears, and our desires for the child we “will” all love. We say “will” love because we know you already love your child, that is why you’ve chosen open adoption. We are excited to meet you and to have that instant love for your child and you. It’s through you that we can have a family.

To introduce ourselves: Carson works at a National Laboratory as a Chemical Research Scientist. His job has great benefits that will help our growing family. He has every Friday off, so we have long three day weekends together. Kelsey works as a Real Estate Investor. She renovates homes, buys and sells real estate, and is looking into starting a residential building company. She is in control of her own schedule and looks forward to being a stay at home mom.

If it’s not work it's play. We love adventures, being outdoors, and playing in the mountains. The area that we live in is beautiful and there are tons of things to do. We love snowboarding, boating, backpacking, and camping. Our families like to ride snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and UTV’s together. All of these things we do with family, because family is the most important thing! We love the outdoors and the area we live in.

We live in great community that is very safe. The neighborhood is full of little kids for our child to play with. Three of our neighbors have adopted, so our child will grow up with other children that have been adopted as well.

We are ecstatic to welcome a child in our lives and to start a family. Not only will we be welcoming a child but also you and your family. We will be so proud to be the child’s mother and father and will constantly be posting pictures and bragging about them. We will keep in contact with you and the child’s birth family through pictures, letters, cards, and we would love to have a bbq or some kind of family get-together once a year.

We believe that there is a time and a place for everything. There is a reason that we are both in this situation. God has a plan for all of us. We believe that our children are never really ours, they are given to us for a short time by God. We promise to take that short time very seriously, as seriously as you would. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little. We will never completely understand the magnitude and difficulty of the decision that you are having to make. We only hope that you will take the time to get to know us and hopefully one day, give us the opportunity to be parents.


Carson & Kelsey McNair

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Who We Are

There are few life experiences where our hearts skip a beat. The first time that we saw each other was one of those moments. We were set up on a blind date by one of Carson’s friends. Carson went out to a bonfire with some of his friends one weekend. He was told about Kelsey and how beautiful and awesome she was. He decided to give her a call. He called Kelsey to set up the date. To this day, Kelsey is extremely embarrassed because she was asleep at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night. Carson claims he didn’t notice.

Our first date was a large group date. There were about 6 different couples. We all met at the apartment where Kelsey used to live. Kelsey, living in 15 minutes away in another town, insisted that she just meet Carson at the apartment with all of the other people. When Kelsey walked into the apartment, there was definitely immediate chemistry between us. Kelsey was taken back by Carson’s cute smile. We went out to dinner and to the movie. In Idaho, the majority of people own or have access to a pickup truck. We loaded up tons of blankets and pillows and went to the drive-in movies where we could watch the movie while lying in the back of the truck. We didn’t pay hardly any attention to the movie, so much so, that we don’t even remember what was playing. We laid there in the back of the truck and talked for hours and got to know each other. With other couples also in the back of the truck, the only comfortable position was snuggling, which was a plus!

We dated almost a whole month, maybe longer before we first kissed. Carson says it’s because he really wanted to get to know Kelsey and he was waiting for the perfect moment, but Kelsey just calls him chicken. We haven’t stopped kissing since.

It became evident very quickly that we belonged together. One evening, Carson secretly planned to return to the drive-in movie theater to propose to Kelsey. He planned to sneak in when it was dark, while it was closed to propose under the stars and the big movie screen. When Carson popped the question, Kelsey was not expecting it at all. Due to her surprise, her response was “Are you shitting me? YES!” We were together for 14 months before we got married. It has been one amazing adventure after another together. With every adventure come memories that we will keep forever. We hope that our children will have their own amazing life experiences that will give them cherishable memories.

We feel like we were a little long winded with that story. Please look at our adoptimist blog, Facebooks, and Instagrams to know what we have been up to since we got married.


Adoption Diary

Wheeling trip to NV

One day my mom and I were talking about Halloween and what our plans were.  This year was different for Carson and I because we usually have a big annual Halloween party for all our friends and family for around 100 people. And plus the past two years we were in charge of hosting our church Halloween party for 200 to 300 people. So need less to say we were excited to have a break from Halloween parties this year.  We are known in the neighborhood as the big Halloween go-ers.  But this past few months it’s been harder for me because Carson and I are getting baby hungry and it’s challenging to watch all our friends and family getting pregnant, having gender reveal parties, baby showers, and posting daily pictures when we are doing everything we can to start a family.  So my mom suggested why don’t we get away for the weekend and go wheeling in Mesquite,  NV.  Spontaneously we left for NV two days later.  We had a great time and found alot of great trails that we would like to ride again.  But I hope that next extra year we can have the joy of dressing up and taking around our new little one to take around the subdivision trick or treating.

High School Football Game

Rigby vs. Madison High School football! Carson went to high school at Madison High School home of the Bobcats and I went to Rigby High School home of the Trojans. Rigby and Madison are huge rivals, it gets very competitive not only at the games but after also.  So last night we hit up the game for our Friday night entertainment.  It was a ton of fun,  we went to Carson’s favorite taco bus (best Mexican food around) and then went to the game.  It was fun to reminisce about the our high school days. We both had good times in high school. We also talked about when our kids are in school we will be supports and watch every event they are involved in.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Carson & Kelsey

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Carson & Kelsey