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Our hearts are overflowing with love. We are so overjoyed and looking forward to holding our little blessing. We are praying to hear from you soon. Read more »

Just the two of us

This was taken on Valentine’s Day. We went to dinner at Richie’s cousins restaurant. We are hoping to be a family of three by next Valentine’s day.  We hope to hear from you soon. You can call or text us anytime! 631-742-8390 Read more »

Just More

Adoption is about giving a child more. More Love…More Family…More Opportunities… Read more »

February 8th

Finally getting out of the house for a couple of hours today.  Getting a hair cut ....hopefully I’ll start to feel human again. Read more »

February 5th

Finally starting to feel a little bit better today.  Just in time for the Super Bowl. Wow…that cold really knocked me out.  Richie took really good care of me though…he brought me home some good soup, made sure I had my orange juice and took my vitamins.  Hope all is going well with you!!! Read more »

February 3rd

Haven’t been feeling well these past few days.  Nursing a bad head cold…could be the flu.  Can’t wait to get back to the gym and shopping for wedding stuff :) Read more »


Adoption requires a tremendous amount of strength.  We would be so honored to be given an opportunity to go through this process with you. There is hope! Read more »

Birth Mother Myths vs. Realities

We understand the realities of considering and adoption plan for your baby.  Please know that we will always respect you and your decision.  Your child will grow up knowing how much you love them and wanted a better life for them. Read more »

Adoption is Love

Choosing an adoption plan for your baby takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength.  Your unselfishness is the reason this child will have a joyful life filled with wonderful and endless opportunities. We will always praise you and speak highly of you and the love you have for your baby. Read more »

Disney World

We went to Disney World for a few days. We had such a great time. We are hopeful to be blessed with our little prince or princess soon.  We are looking forward to taking them along with us during our next visit. Read more »

Together Forever

We love our life together and the love we share with one another. We pray everyday for the blessing of a baby to share our life with. Read more »

Long Island Snow Storm-2017

We had a great day during the snow storm.  We sat by the beach with a cup of hot chocolate while watching the snow fall.  It was so much fun and beautiful.  We are looking forward to sharing our life with our little blessing. Read more »

Winter Wonderland

We woke up this morning to this view.  It just felt so calm and peaceful.  Enjoyed the serenity while having my morning coffee.  Looking forward to our little one being a part of our family and these special moments in life. Read more »

It’s Your Journey

We hope you are at peace with your decision.  It’s true, not everyone will understand or agree with the choices you’ve made.  It’s not for them to decide.  This is your life’s journey. Stay focused and keep on going. Read more »

Amazing Sunset

We took this photo watching the sunset in Naples, Florida. It was so beautiful and peaceful.  Praying for our little blessing! Read more »

Thankful and Happy

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a very nice day with our family.  We are so thankful and happy to have such beautiful people in our lives.  We are praying by this time next year our precious baby will be with us.  We are hoping to hear from you soon. Read more »


This is a very busy time of the year for us.  We have so much fun stuff going on this month. Wedding and birthday celebrations and of course Thanksgiving. This photo was taken this past weekend during our friends wedding reception.  Does it look like we were having fun? Read more »

Simple & Sweet

Hello.  We hope your having a good day.  We were having fun trying to be creative and come up with a saying that is simple & sweet.  Tell us what you think :) Read more »

Happy Sunday

Good morning…how are you doing?  It’s Sunday and we’ll be spending the day with our nieces and nephews. We hope you have a beautiful and blessed day! Read more »

November is National Adoption Month

I put this saying in a frame and keep it on my desk in my office. I read this every day, all day.  Adoption is Love!!! It takes a very special and unselfish person like yourself to choose life and help people like us to build a forever family.  We couldn’t be more grateful and blessed to have this chance.  We hope you are Read more »

A Walk on the Beach

We took a long walk on the beach yesterday. The beach in October is so peaceful and the weather is perfect.  We were talking and imagining spending a day like this with our little blessing.  We are looking forward to that day!!! Read more »

Sleeping Beauties

We love babysitting and spending time with the little people in our family. They were so exhausted from a long day at the petting zoo. Read more »

Madison Square Garden

This photograph was taken while on a train to Manhattan with my sister and nieces.  We were on our way to Madison Square Garden to see Shawn Mendes. My nieces were so excited. We had so much fun together. Read more »

Story-Book Collection

I purchased a few more books for our baby to enjoy.  The book collection is growing and we are looking forward to reading them aloud to our child when he/she comes along. Read more »

An enjoyable day with my wonderful nieces

I spent the day with my nieces yesterday.  They are getting ready to go back to school on Tuesday. So we decided to go for manicures & pedicures. Then we went for lunch, after that we went shopping at their favorite mall and finished off the perfect day with delicious ice cream :).  We had so much fun.  I’m looking Read more »


A very close & dear friend of mine posted this on my Facebook page.  She included a very special message that brought tears to my eyes.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friendships.  We are all looking forward to our child becoming a part of our family and close circle of friends <3 Read more »

Sister’s at Yankee Stadium

A picture of me with my sister outside of Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, NY. Going to ball games is something we enjoy very much.  My nieces and nephews enjoy it too.  It’s a day of fun, laughter and of course lots of goodies….cotton candy, cracker jacks, pretzels & ice cream.  We are all looking forward to our Read more »

Beautiful view of the Lavender Fields

The lavender farm is best during the last week in June and 1st two weeks in July.  That’s when this photo was taken.  You can walk thru the fields and pick your own lavender fresh from the farm itself.  The smell of lavender is all around you and it’s so pretty.  Purple is one of my favorite colors too :) Read more »

Lavender Farm

We stopped by the local lavender farm and purchased a fresh batch of lavender to place in a vase at home. It smells so nice. We are looking forward to bringing our child to the local farms when he/she comes along. Read more »

Sunflower Fields Forever

We spent the day at the local farms and stumbled across this amazing sunflower field.  There were sunflowers everywhere. It was so beautiful.  I imagine spending days like this one with our child when he/she comes along.  We will have so much fun together. Read more »

“Cribs & Bibs”

We were shopping this past weekend and found the cutest baby store called “Cribs ‘n Bibs”.  I’ll definitely be going back to buy a few things for our little one when he/she comes along. Read more »

Swimming with the fishies :)

I spent today (Sunday) with my niece & nephew.  They are like two little fish…they love the pool.  It was 100 degrees and humid today so I didn’t mind swimming all day with them.  We are looking forward to our child having fun in the sun with his/her cousins. Read more »

The finishing touches

One of my favorite throw pillow. It looks perfect and I “love” it!!  We are looking forward to renovating & decorating the baby’s room.  That’s our next big project :) Read more »


We went shopping and found this throw pillow that I just LOVE.  It goes perfect with the d├ęcor in our house. Read more »


So, I caught that 30 pound striped bass on Friday and this is what I made for dinner last night.  It’s Striped Bass Oreganata style made with all fresh ingredients - garlic, parsley, oregano, basil, lemon and olive oil.  I made a fresh spinach and spring mix salad on the side.  It was so delish!!.  I enjoy experiencing Read more »

Tonights Dinner

I was invited to go fishing on a charted fishing boat with a few friends. This was my first catch of the day; a 30 pound striped bass.  Guess what I’ll be cooking for dinner tonight?? :)  I love fishing and the great outdoors!  Life is good.  I can’t wait for our child to experience times like this one.  Read more »

The Butterfly

This beautiful butterfly was gracefully flying around us while we were walking through our neighborhood.  It’s said the butterfly symbolizes grace, beauty and the Magic of Believing….it is the first step in anything we set out to do….you believe then you will find a way…regardless of obstacles.  Needless to say Read more »

Lighting Up the sky in Naples

This is one of my favorite photographs taken while on vacation in Florida with my sister and her family.  That’s me on the left, my niece Michaela, my sister Marianna and my nephew Anthony on the right. I’m looking forward to our child being included in the fun, and those special moments in life, just like this one. Read more »

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