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Devon & Tim

Hi we're Devon & Tim and we would absolutely love to welcome a new family member with open arms!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us, it must be overwhelming to look at all the family profiles. Here's a little more about us:

We have two sons (ages 7 and 3.5) only one of whom is biological. They are *both* the moon and stars to us, because having the same genes or looking the same isn’t what makes us a family. True family is about being heart-related, soul-connected, not blood-related. We have always wanted three children who can grow up together and cheer each other on in life! The boys love babies and are very kind and nurturing with animals and smaller kids. They ask for a baby sister all the time!

We'd love to know more about you and your hopes and dreams for yourself and your baby. We're open to any level of contact that feels right to you, including pictures, phone calls, FaceTime and visits.

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Who We Are

For us it was love at second date. We met online and have been together since 2009 and married since 2010. In our wedding vows, we promised to laugh every day and we truly do! We never run out of things to talk about. For us it’s family first and we always make time to be together. We love to travel and every year take one trip to the east coast and at least one up to Santa Cruz. Together we’ve been all over the world and can’t wait to travel even more with our little ones! We also love more simple, fun things like listening to music, going to breakfast, hiking, and hanging out on our big back deck.

Adoption Diary


Thanksgiving was really fun this year. It was our first time hosting and I was VERY thankful for all the people who helped cook ;)! Our niece, Jessica, made incredible green beans, Papa (Tim’s dad) made the turkey, gravy and pies, Tim’s mom made squash, our sis-in-law made mashed potatoes, and I did the cranberry sauce, stuffing and yams. Here’s a picture of one of our other little darling nieces with the table looking all fancy (ok, I just stopped myself from typing “ON FLEEK”). Hahaha!


We had an awesome Halloween. There was a carnival at the rec center at the park and everyone from the neighborhood was there. Since James is almost two, I knew I needed to put him in an outfit instead of a costume (he was going to be a viking but he kept pulling the helmet off). So we settled on him being a hippie. We had a great time at the rec center and then headed home for trick-or-treaters. James had a great time with the trick-or-treaters, waving and saying, “Byeeee!” after they got their candy.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Devon & Tim

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Devon & Tim