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Before You Begin Searching For A Family For Your Baby

Here are a few things to think about before you begin searching for a family to raise your baby:

1. What type of adoption plan do I want?
In order for your adoption to be successful, you should choose an adoptive that has the same or similar type of adoption in mind. Think of the type and amount of contact you would like and then look for families that have similar views.

2. How important to me is it that my baby be raised in a two parent family?
For some expectant mothers, one of the reasons they may consider adoption could be that they are not able to provide a stable father figure for their baby therefore they may wish to consider only two parent families. However, it is important for me to mention that two parent families may not always stay two parent families. Adoptive couples are not immune to divorce and death.

3. Is it important to me that my baby have a stay-at-home parent?
Some expectant mothers considering adoption may be considering adoption because they cannot be at home with their babies so a stay at home mother may be a very important attribute in families consider. Others may not really have a preference on this. Again though, keep in mind that things change, children grow, and Moms may eventually need or choose to go back to work.

4. Do I want my baby to be an only child or do I want him or her to have siblings?
There are many adoptive families who are hoping to adopt who already have children. Your child would immediately have siblings. Or you may prefer that your child be the first child in that family.

5. Is religion important to me?
For some expectant mothers considering adoption, religion is very important to them. You may wish to choose a family that is the same religion you are so that your child grows up in that religion. For others, religion may not be a factor or an issue.

6. Does location matter to me?
If you want a fairly open adoption, you may wish to choose a family that is not too far away.

7. Are the races of the adoptive family important to you?
Some expectant mothers who are having a bi-racial baby will choose a couple with at least one of them being the same race as the child so that the child can grow up learning about his or her ethnicity.