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November brings with it Thanksgiving, a holiday that’s always been very family oriented for both of us. For myself, Thanksgiving was one of the many holidays where my mom would cook enough food to feed an army, or at least her family of six and the addition of any wandering remnants of her own family. It tended to be a whole day affair with any cousins or extended kids showing up and playing in the snow or ice rink in the park across the street while my mother worked in the kitchen. Dad would usually carve the turkey when it’s complete and everyone would gather around the big dining room table. Well, except those of us on the younger age of children, we’d be regulated to the dining room table or, if there were a lot of people, we would be at the folding card “kids” table. It’s a different experience being at the kids table for as long as I was. I didn’t even know that my parents had china plates until they moved into a new place after college. But even the lack of fancy dining ware didn’t detract from the fun of being with the family and eating way too much food.

Nowadays Thanksgiving has shifted more to Kristia’s side of the family. My parents are snow birds so they head down where it’s warmer so our Thanksgivings are spent with Kristia’s Mom’s family. It’s a bit different, for instance I’m older than most of them, so I actually eat at the big table and off non-paper plates, but the copious amounts of food is still prevalent everywhere. Thanksgiving to me always had a focus on being with people you care about, and eating a lot of food. No I’m serious…there’s tons of food. Please, come hungry.


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We started our Adoptimist page in January, 2014. We worked for many months prior to that to be Home Study Approved in Minnesota. We've known that adoption was our first choice for having a family for much longer than that. We're so excited to share our thoughts with you!

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