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We’re Mike & Kristia. We live in a suburb of St. Paul in Minnesota with our fluffy cat, Ulla. We spend our free time reading, playing board games, watching movies, cooking, traveling and ballroom dancing. We have family and friends who are adopted, so we knew that an open adoption was how we wanted to start our own family.

We are excited to get to know you. We want an open adoption within the United States so that we can have a relationship with our child’s family. We travel around the United States quite a lot visiting friends and family throughout Minnesota, Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, New York, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Kristia also used to live in the mountains in both in the Appalachians in Booneville, KY & in the Rockies in Boulder, CO. We’d love to hear about your part of the United States & the story of where you’ve lived.

We appreciate all the different feelings and choices you are going through right now. Thank you for being strong enough to imagine a future with us.

~Mike & Kristia

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Who We Are

We met about 15 years ago when we were both students at the University of Minnesota. We've been happily married now for 8 of those 15 years. Mike is an Engineer at Toro. Kristia is a Facility Maintenance Planner at the University of Minnesota. We're both avid readers, board game players and ballroom dancers.

Adoption Diary

Siblings! by Kristia’s brother Anders

We’re trying something new on the blog this month. We are going to start asking some of our friends & family members to write a post. We’ve asked them to write about whatever they want, so we’ll see what crazy posts we get over the next few months. Today’s kick off for this semi-regular series is Kristia’s brother, Anders. He’s going to let us all know what it’s like to grow up with THREE sisters.

Siblings! by Anders

On the first day of school in Kindergarten, our teacher asked us to go around the room, introduce ourselves, and tell everyone a little bit about our family. When it got to be my turn I could only despondently muster the words “My name is Anders and I only just have sisters.” I don’t know if I was trying to be the cool kid by being ‘disappointed’ I didn’t have any brothers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Growing up as the only brother in a family of four siblings was entertaining to say the least! From being educated on the wonders of makeup at a VERY young age to making the most out of every road trip, our childhood was anything but dull. Even though we are by far the goofiest family I have ever seen, my sisters have been, and continue to be, the biggest sources of inspiration in my life.

Annika definitely takes full advantage of being the youngest of the siblings. She has traveled the most out of anyone, she was the youngest to be allowed a Facebook profile… not that I’m bitter or anything. But more than anything, Annika has this carefree attitude that is one of the most admirable traits I’ve seen in a person. She does what she wants without a care in the world what anyone else thinks, and walks with a confidence I only wish I had. The little kids she teaches sailing to know her best as the Knot Queen, and I think that perfectly embodies her personality; even though she thinks she’s not the queen, she undisputedly is – and I’m ok with that!

Lisa is the mother of our squad, both literally and figuratively. There’s not a minute that goes by Lisa isn’t worrying that everyone is all good before worrying about herself. She also passed along a love of music that I carry with me to this day. Not only did she encourage a passion for musical theater that caused me to audition for my high school musical on a whim during my senior year, but she also played me my first rap song! (Sorry mom, Lil’ Wayne was too good to pass up) Now, as a mother of 2 little ones, I still marvel at how she finds the time to balance her family and personal life, and her attitude is something that I constantly look up to.

Last but most CERTAINLY not least, Kristia is the bona fide leader of us siblings. With wisdom beyond her years and a drive to never stop improving, there’s nothing you can’t admire about her. If there’s a trend in our family about charting your own path, it starts with Kristia. As a leader in the National Association of Woman in Construction, she really made a name for herself in a typically male-dominated field. Her work ethic, internal drive, and love are just some of the characteristics I admire most about Kristia.

As you can see, I had some pretty great women to serve as role models in my life. I seriously can’t imagine my life without all of my sisters. Without them, I most certainly wouldn’t be the man I am today.

Our Garden - by Kristia

I love to garden while Mike likes to cook. It’s a great match as everything comes out of my garden and onto the stove. We usually end up having friends over a lot in the summer to enjoy the grill, the deck, and the veggies.

This year I’m growing tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, rhubarb, green peppers, jalepeno peppers, pabano peppers, mariacchi peppers, acorn squash, potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, sugar baby watermelons, basil, parsley, mint, oregano, and chives. I have two large gardens, as you can probably tell. It’s so much fun to plant everything in the spring and then harvest as the year goes on. Our friends joke that they get shares from the “Mike & Kristia CSA” as we usually end up growing more than we can eat.

We typically end up pickling peppers (& cucumbers when we grow those). It’s great because you get another harvest around Thanksgiving when the pickling process is done!

Last year I had so many jalepenos that I made hot sauce. SO tasty.

Just recently we redid the our front walkway and added a garden, so now I’ll get to experiment with flowers again! We’ll see what ends up growing well in the new garden. Plus now that I have a front garden, I’m looking for a funny lawn ornament. So far I’m debating between a dinosaur or a gnome. I’m open to suggestions though! I’m sure our kid will have some strong opinions of what should be in the front garden. If the kids in my life are any indication, they will pick either a fairy or batman.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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