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Hi! We are Jessa (baseball cap) and Keaton. This November we will have been together for “just shy of half of two decades.” We’re major New Girl fans (obviously), and for real will celebrate being together for 9 years this November. Which means we like each other quite a lot (even after an almost year-long Covid quarantine), and we started dating before online dating really took off. Finding a match feels similar, and also like we don't know what we are doing.

We are college sweethearts who started dating after one of our professors, and Jessa's close family friend straight up asked Keaton if Jessa could have her phone number (after watching Jessa chicken out time and time again for weeks). We were both studying Musical Theatre at the time, and went on our first date on a Sunday, the closing day of Keaton's show. We liked each other so much we went on a date every day that week, and then just kept dating forever.

We got engaged in Central Park, NY, in 2015, and were married in the theatre we met in, in 2016. We rescued our dog a few months later, and the kiddo was born in 2019. With each passing year our relationship gets stronger and even more enjoyable, and we were pretty head over heels in love when we first started dating. We genuinely enjoy spending time together, and are so excited to grow our family. Hopefully with your help.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have a very cozy and nurturing home in a wonderful neighborhood. We are walking distance from several playgrounds, libraries, restaurants, and our favorite local bookstore. We are also near a local nature preserve, where we take our son.

We rent a duplex, with just the right amount of space for our family. We love creating, so many of our decor elements are handmade, and we painted a wall mural in our dining room. We have a private back patio, where we can host small gatherings, and grow a small (but plentiful) garden each year. We try to set spaces up for the kiddo to be as independent as he would like, and create a space where he can explore and create safely on his own timeline. Jessa loves house plants, so we have several child and pet safe house plants to bright each room and purify the air.

Our neighbors are kind and supportive, and very friendly. Neighborhood is very LGBTQ friendly. Many of our neighbors also bike a lot, so it’s a very pedestrian friendly area, which is great.

*please note: the nursery pic is from when the kiddo was born, not how his room currently looks.


adoptive family photo - Jessa Hi, I’m Jessa (she/her)! I’m a 31 year old Musical Theatre nerd and lover of snacks. I have my BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Utah and my MA in Theatre Studies from Regent University. My extended family loves to give me grief for the fact that I literally took a clowning class in college. I work part-time as a high school theatre choreographer, and am the primary stay at home mom (where I use the skills I learned in clowning class regularly, thank you very much).

I feel so grateful that we are able to afford having one parent home with our kiddo. It has given me so much time to create a strong bond with the kiddo, and be able to have a hands on approach to his education. Most importantly, it means I get to spend the majority of my time being his human canvas, crafting, and playing trucks (while my sink full of dirty dishes begs, unsuccessfully, for my attention). Gentle parenting is non-negotiable for us (even when it is so hard), and we use a child-led, Montessori-style meets unschooling approach to learning and are able to nurture his interests to make learning fun! It is a double edged sword having such an independent kiddo. It's amazing to watch him gain confidence and skills to thrive in his environment. On the other hand, the other day he had nearly-successfully placed an order for a new set of Magna Tiles on Amazon all on his own.

Books truly delight me, and I get so excited each June when we put up our reading tent in the living room to kick off summer reading. I hate the words "real," "regular," and "normal." They are unnecessary social constructs, and I will die on the hill that just because milk alternatives are not dairy milks does not mean they are not "normal."

My family is the most important thing to me, and I promise to love and care for any child that is entrusted to me with integrity, gentility, and an abundance of goofy love. Added Bonus: our family is already used to the "non-traditional family" gig. We are new to parenting through adoption, but we are very excited to learn as we go (in addition to the near-Amy Santiago level of preparation we are currently doing) and figure out a relationship that feels good with you, and our baby, together.


adoptive family photo - Keaton Hi, I’m Keaton (she/her)! I’m 29 years old, and very much an introvert. I was telling Jessa the other day how much I love the system at our new storage unit facility. I signed up online, got the lock straight from our storage, unloaded our things, and never had to talk to a single person. I was living the dream.

But here’s a fun twist: I teach children’s theater for a living! So while I am naturally one to lean away from too much interaction with others I don’t know well, I also teach kids how to have confidence doing just that. Let me clarify, while I prefer to be introverted, I also hold my BA in Theatre Studies (from the University of Utah), so I’m introverted…. for a theater person. If you know any theater people you know that is a very different scale to measure on. I love my job. I love being with kids, and this year is extra fun for me because the kiddo is in one of my classes, too! One of the best parts about my job is that I get full-time pay for part-time hours, which means I have a lot more time at home than many primary income providers. It leaves lots of time for family adventures!

I have many interests, and regularly find new things to pursue. I’ve really gotten into board games the past year or so. J and I do a weekly game night with our brothers that is one of our favorite traditions. I love to bake (I grew up baking with my mom and grandma, and now share the love with the kiddo), and when I was pregnant with the kiddo I fell in love with birth. I love it so much that I am currently working towards becoming a certified Labor Doula. If you are a gestational parent considering us, and it’s something you are comfortable with, I would love to support you through labor. We can talk it over, if it feels good to you. But know that there is zero pressure. Your birth is yours, and we are here to support you in whatever way feels best for you.

I love being a mom. We have experienced life in so many cool new ways through our kiddo. Each spring we have caterpillars and watch them go through their transformation to becoming butterflies. I love to sit and watch them, but especially on the day we release them. It is so magical to see them explore the outside world and take flight for the first time. I feel like motherhood has similarly transformed me. I know that I will go through another transformation when we get to adopt. If you are considering us, I want you to know that I will make that transition with as much grace, compassion, and love as I have in me. I know that, when the baby is born, our transitions will look very different from one another. I am prepared to honor those differences and make sure our child knows how deeply loved they are, by all of us.

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Jessa and Keaton

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